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A martial adept manooverer wielding a spiked chain.


Manooverers are good with weapons like the spiked chain or greatsword. Other weapons aren't as good but the Manooverer can use them too. He just doesn't, cus why would he?

Making a Manooverer[edit]

Good at fighting but not good at magic so it has a weakness. Also not as good at ranged fighting as some other classes so that's another weakness. And if your party members get annoyed cus you're good, just say that the wizard can 1v1 anyone once she reaches level 31 so that means this guy is balanced.

Abilities: All of them. Being so Multiple Attribute Dependent is yet another weakness of this class, another reason why it's so balanced.

Races: Any race that isn't really lame. Something like a dragonborn, or a noble drow who's secretly Good but not always.

Alignment: Any. But a manooverer's alignment is like a badge: he wears it but it doesn't tell him what to do. This means he can pick Good but still kill people and steal stuff.

Starting Gold: 20x20d20x20gp. Manooverers usually inherit a bunch of sweet stuff from like a dying mentor or something. Often the manooverer is the cause of death of the mentor, because he is so good at swords. Even if he is Good.

Starting Age: Simple. Most Manooverers are still in high school or even earlier if it's that kind of anime rpg.

Table: The Manooverer

Hit Die: d20

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special Manoovers Known Manoovers Readied Stances
Fort Ref Will
1st +1 +2 +2 +2 Skill Aptitudes, Strength of Heart, Heart of Strength, Surge of Power, Always Good, Always Better, Always A Lot Better, Always Even Betterer, Speed of Will, Speed of Power, Speed of Swiftness, Mega Manooverability, Maximum Manooverability, Deep Penetration, Deeper Penetration, Deepest Penetration, Honesty of Truthful Heart, Perfect Deception, Trueness of Being, Body of Wood, Body of Steel, Body of Iron, Body of Metal, True Transcendence, Blood of Iron, Blood of Power, Blood of Good, Blood of Martial Power, Blood of Martial Excellence, Weapon Focusisation, Get better (I) 10 20 1
2nd +2 +3 +3 +3 Get better (II) 11 21 2
3rd +3 +4 +4 +4 Improved Weapon Focusisation 11 21 3
4th +4/1 +5 +5 +5 Get better (III) 12 22 4
5th +5/2 +6 +6 +6 Greater Improved Weapon Focusisation 15 22 5
6th +6/3/1 +7 +7 +7 Get better (V) 16 23 6
7th +7/4/2/1 +8 +8 +8 Improved Greater Weapon Focusisation 16 24 7
8th +8/5/3/2/1 +9 +9 +9 Get better (VI) 18 25 8
9th +9/5/4/3/2 +10 +10 +10 Greater Improved Greater Weapon Focusisation 19 26 9
10th +10/6/5/4/3/2/1 +12 +12 +12 Get better (VII) 20 27 10
11th +11/10/6/5/4/3/2/1 +14 +14 +14 Improved Improved Weapon Focusisation 25 28 11
12th +12/11/10/6/5/4/3/2/1 +16 +16 +16 Get better (XI) 30 30 12
13th +13/12/11/10/6/5/4/3/2/1 +18 +18 +18 Improved Improved Improved Greater Weapon Focusisation 35 31 13
14th +14/13/12/11/10/6/5/4/3/2/1 +20 +20 +20 Get better (XII) 45 32 14
15th +15/14/13/12/11/10/6/5/4/3/2/1 +25 +25 +25 Improved Greater Improved Improved Greater Weapon Focusisation 65 33 15
16th +16/16/15/14/13/12/11/10/6/5/4/3/2/1 +30 +30 +30 Get better (XVII) 85 34 16
17th +17/16/16/15/14/13/12/11/10/6/5/4/3/2 +35 +35 +35 Improved Greater Improved Greater Improved Improved Weapon Focusisation 100 36 17
18th +18/17/16/16/15/14/13/12/11/10/6/5/4/3/2/1 +40 +40 +40 Get better (X2) 120 38 18
19th +19/18/17/16/16/15/14/13/12/11/10/6/5/4/3/2/1 +50 +50 +50 Improved Greater Improved Greater Improved Improved Improved Greater Weapon Focusisation 150 40 19
20th +50/50/50/50/50/50/50/50/50/50/50/50/50/50/50/50/50/
+50/50 +50/50 +50/50 Get better (L) All 50 All†
†Can have all stances on at once.
Class Skills (20 + Int modifier per level, ×4 at 1st level): All of them except Spellcraft because that would be silly since Manooverers can't cast spells.

Class Features[edit]

The Manooverer isn't good at magic so he is weak, but he almost makes up for it with being really good at swords. All of the following are class features of the Manooverer.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: All simple weapons and martial melee weapons and light, medium, and heavy armour. A Manooverer can also pick thirty-five exotic weapons he is proficient with. Additionally, he is proficient with all the Samurai and Ninja weapons like the Katana. And firearms, if they exist. Also bombs, if they exist too. Furthermore, the non-proficiency penalty is halved for the manooverer and he gains a +2 bonus to all attack rolls because he is such a weapons expert and this bonus is doubled if he's not proficient in the weapon.

Manoovers Known: Manooverers choose their powers from the following list: Any discipline. Unlike some martial classes, the Manooverer is truly a jack of all trades, so he can pick any discipline to pull his manoeuvres from. Furthermore, like a Swordsage, he can learn arcane or divine spells and psionic powers as manoovers. This is definitely not a spell! It's a manoover. So it can't be counterspelled or dispelled, doesn't provoke an attack of opportunity, works in an anti-magic field, and so on. Any spell of the Conjuration, Evocation, Illusion, Enchantment, Divination, Abjuration, Necromancy, Transmutation, or Universal school (or equivalent psionic disciplines) up to 5th-level can be learnt as a 1st-level Manoover, any other spells are 2nd-level manoovers. Furthermore, class features can be learnt (usually as stances), pick a class feature from any level of any class (including this one) and you can have it as a stance. Your level counts as twice your class level for determining the benefit gained (eg. a 1st-level manooverer is like a 4th-level rogue +2d6 for sneak attack due to Get Better) since the manooverer should be better at manoovers than other classes. Spells and class abilities learnt in this way do not count toward the maximum number of manoovers known or readied. Furthermore, he can select a number of stances equal to his level doubled + 5 doubled which are considered 'always active' and he does not need to be in the stance to gain the benefit of it. If the same stance is selected multiple times, its benefits stack and only count as one stance toward the number of 'always active' stances.

Manoovers Readied: This determines how many manoovers the manooverer can cast before recharging. The manooverer initiates manoeuvres like a sorcerer casts spells: he chooses from his known list and then initiates that manoover. A manooverer can recharge his readied manoovers by swinging his sword as a swift action. Whenever he recharges, he may reselect any number of manoovers up to his maximum manoovers known, he gains these manoovers as known manoovers.

Weapon Focusisation (Ex): A Manooverer is a master of weapons. At 1st-level, he picks any seventeen weapons or weapon groups. He gains proficiency, weapon Focus, and weapon Specialisation in each of these weapons. At 3nd-level and every second level after, he must choose one: add another twenty-seven weapons to the list, gaining the aforementioned feats in all of them. Or, he picks forty-five fighter bonus feats to apply to each of the existing weapons. He can't choose both. Unless he picks one at one level and another at another level, in which case he can choose both at each level. And, in that case, all the feats apply to all the weapons in this case and he can choose another 10 bonus feats of any kind to gain. If these feats apply to a particular weapon, they apply to all focusised weapons. Furthermore, he does not need to meet the prerequisites for the feats selected in this manner.

A martial adept manooverer using Unarmed strike.

Skill Aptitudes (Ex): A manooverer swings his sword. A manooverer can gain a bonus to all skill and ability checks (including initiative) equal to his level + Strength score + Dexterity score + Constitution score + Intelligence score + Wisdom score + Charisma score provided he is in a stance. See, I told you this class was Multiple Attribute Dependent! Also, being in a stance means that it's a narrow bonus, so it's balanced. Additionally, when he uses this ability, he can roll a number of additional d20s equal to his level, and add that to the check result. He can use this second ability only once per day. Recharging it is a swift action.

Heart of Strength (Ex): A manooverer swings his sword. If a manooverer ever misses an attack, he can re-roll the attack roll and deal an additional +20 damage if it hits. This ability stacks. Additionally, if he ever hits on an attack, he can choose to re-roll the attack. Taking this risk awards him +20 damage if the resulting roll is a hit.

Strength of Heart (Ex): A manooverer swings his sword. If a manooverer ever fails a saving throw against an unwanted effect, he can re-roll the saving throw, each time with a stacking +20 bonus. If he ever succeeds on a saving throw against an unwanted effect, the person attempting to harm the manooverer dies of shock and awe at how brilliant his swordplay is.

Surge of Power (Ex): Once per day, a manooverer can swing his sword and raise any of his ability scores to 18. If they are already 18 or higher, they instead increase by 18. Anyone witnessing this is blinded unless all of their ability scores exceed the Manooverer's. Alternatively, the manooverer can add 18 ranks to any 1 skill, count it as a class skill from now on, and increase the class skill bonus by 18. Alternatively, the manooverer can double (IRL doubling, see below) the bonuses provided by any 18 feats he has and negate their penalties. Alternatively, the manooverer can add any 18 manoovers to his list of known and/or readied manoovers (including adopted manoovers, see above). Alternatively, he can do all three. Recharging this ability is a swift action.

Speed of Will (Ex): Once per round, as a free action, a manooverer can swing his sword and take a full-round action. This does not provoke an attack of opportunity (or any combination of shorter actions that add up to a full round action, none provoking an attack of opportunity). This can be any full-round action (or part thereof), even if he couldn't normally do it. Recharging this ability is a swift action.

Speed of Power (Ex): As a swift action, a manooverer can swing his sword and take a full-round action (or any combination of shorter actions that add up to a full round action). If the full-round action is a full attack, he can make a number of additional attacks equal to his level. These bonus attacks always have maximum numeric effect (including attack and damage rolls).

Speed of Swiftness (Ex): As a free action, a manooverer can swing his sword and take a swift or immediate action. He can take these actions even if those actions would normally require other conditions to be met (such as being attacked or prone) which are not. Additionally, there is no longer a limit to the number of swift or immediate actions a manooverer can take each round.

Mega Manooverability (Ex): A manooverer can swing his sword to gain any movement mode. The movement mode's speed equals his level times his base movement speed (and is, like all bonuses, subject to Get Better's improvement). Yes, he can use this on his base movement speed. If the manooverer uses this ability on a movement mode he already possesses, he instead doubles the moovement speed (IRL doubling applies, see below).

Maximum Manooverability (Ex): A manooverer can take a 5' step even if he's taken other moovement actions, even if it's not his turn. Additionally, whenever a manooverer takes a 5' step, he may take another 5' step, even if it is not his turn. This 5' step counts as a 5' step for all purposes including Maximum Manooverability's proc. Furthermore, there is no longer a limit on the number of 5' steps a manooverer can take each round. He is meant to be manooverable after all.

Always Good (Ex): A manooverer swings his sword. If he is ever subject to an unwanted effect (including hp or ability damage, ability or level drain, and any unwanted status condition), he can choose not to be subject to it. In which case the person or thing which caused that effect dies of shame and lack of honour at his superior swordplay.

Always Better (Ex): A manooverer swings his sword. If at any point, a manooverer's hp or ability scores or any other score would decrease below its maximum, instead the maximum increases by that much.

Always A Lot Better (Ex): Once per day, as a free action, a manooverer can swing his sword and gain twenty-eight bonus feats of any kind. He need not meet the prerequisites for these feats. Recharging this ability is a swift action.

Always Even Betterer (Ex): Once per day, a manooverer can swing his sword and gain enough xp for his next level. Additionally, he always rolls twice for hp, taking double the maximum of both rolls, then multiplying them with his current total hp and adding double that much to his hp, doubled. Get Better applies to this doubling. Levelling up recharges this ability.

Deep Penetration (Ex): A manooverer's damage is always true damage: it bypasses all resistances and reduction as if it were untyped damage. Unless the target has a weakness to a particular type of damage, in which case he deals that type of damage and his damage is doubled.

Deeper Penetration (Ex): A manooverer automatically confirms all crit threats and deals double the weapon's crit damage multiplier in bonus damage, doubled. This stacks with any other kind of crit damage, including the weapon's base crit damage multiplier.

Deepest Penetration (Ex): If a manooverer hits his opponent, he crits and strikes through: spraying all behind the opponent with the opponent's entrails at incredible speed! This instantly kills the opponent, and everything in a 300ft cone behind him. Because there are no directions in D&D, the manooverer can choose the direction and origin of this cone, even if he does not have line of effect or sight to the chosen location. If there are any objects such as doors, rocks, walls, women, or anything else in the way, they are also destroyed. Except magic items, which the manooverer can preserve.

Honesty of Truthful Heart (Ex): A manooverer is always honest of heart. He always succeeds at Diplomacy and Intimidate checks because they know he is telling the truth.

Perfect Deception (Ex): A manooverer is a master at deception. He always succeeds at Bluff and Sense Motive checks because he can always tell if someone is lying and no one can tell when he is lying.

Trueness of Being (Ex): Since the manooverer is always true to his being, if he ever makes a check against a DC (or an opposed check), he is considered to have beaten the DC (or opponent) by an amount equal to his check result, doubled (as always, Get Better's doubling applies to this doubling).

Body of Wood (Ex): The manooverer's body is strong as wood. He gains hardness equal to his level, doubled by 10, multiplied his existing hardness, added to his existing hardness.

Body of Steel (Ex): The manooverer's body is strong as steel. He gains hardness equal to his level, doubled by 20, multiplied his existing hardness, added to his existing hardness.

Body of Iron (Ex): The manooverer's body is strong as iron. He gains hardness equal to his level, doubled by 30, multiplied his existing hardness, added to his existing hardness. He gains DR equal to his hardness.

A martial adept manooverer on his day off duty. But manooverers are never off duty. Their always prepared!

Body of Metal (Ex): The manooverer's body is strong as metal. He gains DR equal to his level, doubled by 10, which stacks with all other DR. He also gains immunity to typed and untyped damage.

True Transcendence (Ex): Once per day, the manooverer can swing his sword and fly off to another planet. He can always survive on this planet because the manooverer no longer needs to eat, breathe, sleep, or drink. And is immune to elemental and environmental damage and effects. Also, the manooverer no longer ages, though he can still benefit from aging by increasing his ability scores by his level (doubled) for each day that passes or by swinging his sword as a swift action. Recharging this ability is a swift action.

Blood of Iron (Ex): When the manooverer is struck with a manufactured or natural, melee or ranged, magic or mundane weapon or spell or spell-like ability or supernatural ability or exceptional ability or any other ability, the thing attacking the manooverer is sprayed with metal blood. This reflects the damage and/or conditions onto the attacker except the damage and/or conditions are doubled and multiplied by the Manooverer's level, doubled.

Blood of Power (Ex): The manooverer can swing his sword at himself, dealing himself normal weapon damage. If he does, he gains regeneration equal to the damage dealt. If he already has regeneration, it increases by that much.

Blood of Good (Ex): Whenever something would benefit Good-aligned creatures, the Manooverer counts as one. When it wouldn't he doesn't. This also works for all other alignments, races, classes, and anything else that is selective.

Blood of Martial Power (Ex): When the manooverer swings his sword, he can apply metamagic feats to his manoovers and attacks (such as Maximise Spell). He need not have the metamagic feat to do this (he doesn't qualify for them anyway because he is not a caster and therefore underpowered and therefore not fun) nor does the attack or manoover increase in level.

Blood of Martial Excellence (Ex): When the manooverer takes a hold of an ordinary, non-magical weapon, armour, or other item, he can swing it as if it were a sword. If he does this once per day, he can affect it as if he had used any Item Crafting feat on it and exceeded all prerequisites by an amount equal to his level doubled. Subsequent uses double the amount by which the checks are exceeded. Additionally, there is no limit on the number of items a manooverer can equip (eg. he can wear five amulets or belts), wield, or carry.

Get Better (Ex): A manooverer gets better as he levels. At first level and every even numbered level thereafter, the manooverer doubles any bonuses provided by this class and the number of full-round actions he can take using Speed of Power and Speed of Will. This doubling works like real-world doubling, not D&D doubling. So at 6th-level, the bonuses he gets have doubled this much: (2+2+2+2+2)*(2+2+2+2)*(2+2+2)*(2+2)*2*(original bonus). Additionally, one per day, as a full round action, the manooverer can double his current Get Better multiplier. Recharging this ability is a swift action.


A Manooverer who takes a level in another class gains all the benefits of having gained a level in the manooverer class in addition to those gained in another class (including BAB, saves, hp, etc). Furthermore, levels in other classes stack for the purposes of manooverer abilities. Additionally, levels of manooverer stack with other class levels to determine the abilities gained from other classes. Finally, levels in other classes stack with each other and manooverer class levels to determine the abilities gained in each of the manooverer's classes.

Epic Manooverer[edit]

None. This class is epic enough.

Playing a Manooverer[edit]

Names: Manoovereers often have the most badass names like MasterSlayer007Exxxxtreme or MostDangrousNinjaKiller2.

Religion: Any religion but usually one that the DM hasn't (yet) included in their campaign.

Other Classes: Manooverers are intensely jealous of spellcasters since manooverers can't cast spells. Manooverers should kill these guys early since, even at level 1, they are so much better than everyone else. They're also not that good at ranged combat so they like to kill anyone who wields a ranged weapon.

Combat: Any and all.

Advancement: Any and all.

Manooverers in the World[edit]

I wish I had those kind of sweet sword skill
—non-manooverer peasant watching a manooverer preform a manoover
April Fools!
This content is not designed for use in regular games, and may affect overall balance and gameplay. Take caution when using this material.

Manooverers are typically loner high school students who have secretly become masters of all weapons and unarmed combat and have heaps of sweet skills to boot. When called upon to adventure, they like to abuse their power on races they consider Evil (so most of them) and only technically complete quests alongside killing lots of things, Evil or otherwise.

Daily Life: Peeking in the girls changing rooms, doing really well at assessment but then the teachers don't understand them so they get bad grades and make their parents mad, being the best at video games checkers.

Notables: This class is a bit too awesome for (N)PCs.

Organizations: Manoooverers rarely fit into organisations. But those who do excel and are usually the leaders of them.

NPC Reactions: Hostility and jealousy are common among other (N)PCs so prepare for lots of battle!

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