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Manikite, or mana focuses, are rare, naturally forming crystalline minerals that focus a spellcaster's magical energy. Manikite forms deep underground in areas with a high concentration of magical energy. In its raw form, manikite looks like a semi-translucent clear rock but, when cut and refined can easily be mistaken for a diamond. When formed with impurities, which are often caused by being formed on a plane other than the Prime Material, manikite changes in color, gains additional properties, and increases in value. Manikite crystals for the same outer plane can also vary from layer to layer.

Manikite allows a magical being to cast spells without material components. However, manikite is not only used to cast spells. There is a multitude of varieties of manikite, each with different effects. Different varieties of manikite have different rarity levels. A manikite's rarity level can range from 0 to 25, with rarer variants being more powerful and more expensive. These varients can be easily mistaken for normal gems. A character can make a Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (gemology), or Knowledge (nature) check to determine the identity of the manikite. If the check is failed the character believes the manikite to be its gemstone equivalent. The Difficulty Class to identify manikite is equal to 20 + the rarity level of the manikite. Manikite from the same outer plane, but different layers, will have the same rarity level, but will differ in effect.

Common manikite is mainly used as a focus, but can also be used for the base versions of manikite equipment. Higher level manikite equipment requires rarer variants of manikite to function.

Manikite crystalizes in the following forms:

Prime Material Manikite[edit]

  • RL0 - Common Manikite: Common manikite is the base form of manikite that comes from the material plane. It lacks any additional qualities.
  • RL1 - Prismir:

Transitive Plane Manikite[edit]

  • RL1 - Etherion:
  • RL1 - Shade Stone:
  • RL1 - Feylidine:
  • RL1 - Astral Diamond:
  • RL1 - Mirror Shard:
  • RL1 - Dream Rock:

Inner Plane Manikite[edit]

  • RL2 - Infernite:
  • RL2 - Hydrite:
  • RL2 - Airite:
  • RL2 - Territe:
  • RL3 - Dearfadine:
  • RL3 - Diuladine:

Outer Plane Manikite[edit]

  • RL4 - Mechunias Manikite:
  • RL5 - Limbonian Manikite:
  • RL6 - Arcadian Manikite:
  • RL7 - Celestial Manikite:
  • RL8 - Elysian Manikite:
  • RL9 - Beastial Manikite:
  • RL10 - Arborean Manikite:
  • RL11 - Ysgardian Manikite:
  • Pelhite:
  • Vidanite:
  • RL12 - Acheronian Manikite:
  • RL13 - Gahennian Manikite:
  • Khalakite:
  • Adamite:
  • Mundite:
  • Rangite:
  • RL14 - Hadian Manikite:
  • Inolite:
  • Heidrite:
  • Plutonium:
  • RL15 - Carcerian Manikite:
  • Othrite:
  • Athrite:
  • Ethrite:
  • Colotite:
  • Porphatite:
  • Agatite:
  • RL16 - Baatorian Manikite:
  • Vernite:
  • Diskite:
  • Naurite:
  • Gethite:
  • Stygite:
  • Malbite:
  • Ladomite:
  • Canikite:
  • Asmodite:
  • RL17 - Pandemonian Manikite:
  • RL18 - Abyssal Manikite:
  • RL19 - Ysgardian Manikite:
  • RL20 - Outland Manikite:

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