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Manakete personalities vary by race. This section covers them as well as their use in a typical hero campaign.

The typical Fire Dragon is xenophobic, aggressive, and emotionally cold by the standards of most humanoids. Fire Dragons are rarely leaders in their own right and tend to follow individuals of a different race, typically another Dragon. In a typical good campaign, Fire Dragons will be the soldiers, and commanders in service of the enemy, though exceptions may be player characters as well.

Divine Dragons tend to be xenophilia human loving, social, emotional, and friendly. Divine Dragons are almost always playable characters, or allied characters in a typical campaign, however, it is possible for Divine Dragon characters to be fooled, or enslaved by the manipulation of evil forces, and be tricked or forced into fighting the heroes party. A subtype of the Divine Dragon is the Ice Dragon. The Ice Dragons tend to be shy and have deep emotional connections with those they bond with and care for. They are hunted ruthlessly by Fire Dragons for their power and loving nature.

Earth Dragons are xenophobic, vengeful, reclusive and cruel. Earth Dragons tend to lord over Fire and Mage Dragons, and occasionally have human lackeys. Shadow Dragons, sometimes known as Fell Dragons are an advanced form of Earth Dragons.

Silent Dragons are jealous by nature. They can be quite benevolent as leaders, but should they lose attention as a central power and provider for a nation they may, grown tyrannical. This is not always true. Some are incredible leaders and very kind to their followers.

Physical Description[edit]

Fire Dragon Manaketes are fairly tall, having an average of 5'8", however, most Fire Manaketes tend to hunch due to the advanced age of their bodies. Their Faces tend to be homely, or even repulsive to human eyes with ridged features, glowing green eyes with slitted pupils, and jutting fangs from their upper, or lower lip. Fire Clan bodies have a grey skin tone, as if covered in ash and may be covered in tribal tattoos. More charismatic Fire Clan members may have more subdued features but will have an off quality about them when interacting with humans. Fire Dragon Manaketes have leathery wings, or wings made out of flame itself depending on the individual. These wings may be retracted to hide them from human eyes.

Mage Dragons are fairly imposing despite having a very skinny, and boney build. A typical Mage dragon in Manakete form is somewhere around 5'6 feet tall. Mage Dragon Manaketes have piercing gold eyes with a supernatural glow, their skin tone is a dark purple color with a corpselike feel to it, their hands end in claws up to 2 inches, and their mouths are littered with pointed teeth. When the wings of a Mage Dragon Manakete are visible they're either leathery or composed of arcane energy forming wing-like projections.

Earth Dragons are tall humanoids with large, and muscled builds. An Earth Dragon in Manakete form has an average height of 7 feet, enabling them to tower over most humanoids. Their skin is an inhumanly ashen brown, their hands are coarse with broad, dagger-like claws that can rend an ordinary human to shred. Earth Dragon Manakete Ears are pointed, but long, and pointed to the side to the point of being bat-like in appearance. Earth Dragon Manakete eyes have pitch black sclera and burning red pupils. Unlike other Manaketes, Earth Dragons are extremely robust, and durable even when not in their true dragon form. Shadow or Fell Dragon Manaketes appear similar but may have retractable shadow wings.

Divine Dragons Manaketes are often quite short, typically reaching a maximum of 5'6" being as short as 4'2". They sometimes have pointed ears, typically with ridges on the undersides. Their eyes are typically reds and purples, however other colors are possible, with slightly slitted pupils. Their hair can be any color, typically greens, blues, and purples. They typically have very light skin colors. Manaketes of the Divine Tribe often look quite beautiful, even the few older ones are well aged. Ice Dragon Manaketes have similar builds to that of their Divine cousins.

Silent Dragons are typically very light skinned with bluish hair. They look quite similar to divine Dragons, except that they are paler and typically taller.


Manaketes of the Salamander, Basilisk, and Gaia clans rarely get along with humans. They loathe the Naga Clan due to viewing them as traitors to Dragonkind.

By contrast, the Naga Clan, better known as Divine Dragons have a great, if distant, relationship with humanity, and are on hostile terms with the aforementioned Dragon clans.


Alignment varies on the species of Manakete. Divine dragons can be any good alignment but tend towards Law. Earth and Mage dragons can be any non-good alignment. Shadow Dragons can be any evil. Fire Dragons are usually Neutral Evil. Ice Dragons tend to be True Neutral.


Manaketes are mentioned to believe in gods, but what gods they believe are unstated. Manaketes, are, however, shown to revere their leadership.


Common, Draconic. The other languages vary by tribe.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • Stat Adjustments: (Humanoid form): -2 strength, -2 constitution, +2 wisdom. (Dragon form): +4 strength, +4 constitution, -2 intelligence (dragon form adjustments are from the humanoid form, not from base). Manaketes tend to be weaker and frailer than humans, however, they have very long lifetimes, so they are often wise. The dragon form varies by species of Manakete. While in its Dragon form, the Manakete doubles its overall HP to determine its dragon form HP total. When the Manakete revets back to its humanoid form it retains its base HP.
  • Type: Humanoid (Dragon): Manaketes either are not or are descended from ancient dragons.
  • Size: Manaketes are medium creatures, and therefore get no adjustments for size.
  • Travel Speed: Manakete base land speed is 30 feet, base fly speed is 45 feet (Fly speed increases by 10 feet every even level thereafter).
  • Darkvision: Manaketes have darkvision for 30 feet and lowlight vision for 15 feet thereafter.
  • Dragon Form: Once per long rest at level one, and an additional time per day every three levels thereafter, a Manakete can choose to transform into its dragon form if it has its personal dragonstone containing its essence. When transforming, the Manakete must make a Will save (DC:15), or it loses control of itself and becomes a feral dragon until the effects wear off, it is brought to 0 HP, or they beat another Will save (DC:20) at the start of their next round. Shifting requires a Standard action and lasts for a maximum number of rounds equal to the Manakete's Constitution modifier +1 (minimum 1) + the Manakete's ECL. When determining the Manakete's dragon size, and weapon damage, it is based on their age. The Manakete's dragon form assumes the physical bonuses for damage purposes. Once ended they must wait for at least 1 round (from start to end of turn) before shifting again. Shifting back to human form is a SRD:Free Action.
  • Dragonstone: The very life essence of Manaketes. The only downfall of the Manakete is the possession of their essence in the form of a magical item. Most Manaketes usually either hold or wear their dragonstone, always keeping an eye on it as their very soul is inside of it. The dragonstone allows the Manakete to take Dragon Form. The dragonstone is a +1 magical item. The +1 magical bonus can be applied to either the Manakete's AC, Spell save DC, attack, damage, Saving Throw, or once per long rest instantly recharge a Manakete's Breath Weapon. If the Manakete loses its dragonstone, it cannot take dragon form. If the dragonstone is destroyed somehow the Manakete dies in 1d4 days. Each dragonstone is specific, holding the very essence of a dragon, as well as their classification from divine to fire dragons. If a Manakete finds another dragonstone it can spend a short rest attuning to it. Once attuned, the Manakete gains access to that dragon form, its breath weapon, abilities, languages, memories, and incorporates a part of the Manakete's soul into the new stone. As long as the Manakete posses its dragonstone it cannot truly die. If a Manakete's physical body would die, it takes 8 hours before it can be resurrected. However, it retains all physical attributes from its original dragonstone such as ability scores, and class. If a Manakete attunes to a new dragonstone after its own was destroyed, the Manakete acts if is affected by the spell SRD:Raise Dead instead of dying in 1d4 days.
  • Breath Weapon: While in its dragon form, a Manakete has a breath weapon of a chosen element. As a Standard Action, a Manakete can use their breath weapon to deal 1d8 damage to all within the area of the breath: a 30-ft cone, 60-ft cone at 10th level, 90-ft cone at 15th level, and 120-ft cone at 20th level (Reflex save for half: DC 10 + 1/2 Level + Constitution modifier). At 3rd level the damage increases by 2d8, and increases by 2d8 every 2 levels thereafter. The breath weapon of a Manakete's dragon form has a recharge requirement; at the start of the round, the Manakete rolls a d6, if the roll is a 5 or 6 the Manakete's breath weapon recharges. If the roll is 1-4 the breath weapon cannot be used that turn.
  • Languages: Automatic Languages: Common, Draconic. Bonus Languages: Celestial (Divine Dragons), Orcish+ Ignan (Fire Dragons), Abyssal+Terran+ Undercommon (Earth Dragons).
  • Favored Class: Varies by species of Manakete as seen below:
  • Favored Class of Divine Dragons: Paladin, and Cleric are both the favored classes of the Divine Dragon Manaketes.
  • Favored Class of Earth Dragons: Druid, and Warlock are preferred classes of Earth Dragon Manaketes.
  • Favored Class of Fire Dragons: Barbarian, and Fighter are Common classes of Fire Dragons.
  • Favored Class of Mage Dragons: Sorcerer, and Necromancer are a Mage Dragon's usual choices.

Table: Manakete Aging Effects
Middle Age1 Old2 Venerable3 Maximum Age
300 years 700 years 1050 years +10d10x10 years
  1. At middle age, +1 to Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, and Cha.
  2. At old age, +2 to Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, and Cha.
  3. At venerable age, +3 to Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, and Cha.
Table: Manakete Random Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Base Weight
Male 5'2" 157 lb.
Female 4'5" 123 lb.


  • Divine Dragon
    • Prerequisite: Manakete, Good, or Lawful alignment, 1st level
    • Benefit: You are a Divine Dragon, Tribe of Naga, capable of harming Shadow Dragons as well as their servants. Your natural weapons have the Bane (Dragon) property, and your breath weapon deals double damage against such creatures. All weapons the Divine Dragon uses inflict Holy damage as well. The Dragonforms of Divine Dragons have features such as feathered wings or an ethereal radiance that make them stand out among their fellows. Divine Dragons gain a +1 to their Intelligence and Wisdom or Charisma ability score.

Special: As a heritage feat, this feat may only be taken at 1st level. You're either born a Divine Dragon or not.

  • Earth Dragon
    • Prerequisite: Manakete, Evil, or Neutral Alignment, 1st level
    • Benefit: You are an Earth Dragon, Tribe of Gaia, your shadowy powers make you feared by others. Any damage taken is halved or is reduced by half unless it is holy damage. The Dragonforms of Earth Dragons have features such as Armored Hides, Brown or Black scales, and a Shadowy Aura that makes them stand out among their fellows.
    • Special: As a heritage feat, this feat may only be taken at 1st level. You're either born an Earth Dragon or not.
  • Shadow Dragon
    • Prerequisite: Manakete, Evil Alignment, 10th level
    • Benefit: You are a Shadow Dragon, Earth Dragons of supreme evil. Any damage taken is halved is reduced by half unless it is holy damage, your natural weapons are doubled against humans, and most dragons and your breath weapon deal double damage. A Manakete in Shadow Dragon form has features including Pitch black scales, burning Red Eyes, fins across its head, and a constant barrier of shadow magic around them.
    • Special: You must have the Earth Dragon heritage feat, and an Evil Alignment before taking this feat, this feat may only be taken at 10th level or beyond.

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