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Mana Patron[edit]

Your Patron is The Mana, an ancient spirit tied to the energy of the world. She bears the mark of Her pact with mortals, but bestows Her power directly upon up to eight individuals at a time. With The Mana as your Patron, you are known as a Living Aspect, or Aspect for short. Below, you will select which Aspect you represent for Her, and you will have had the chosen Aspect's abilities since you were first able to use magic, no matter how young. Regardless of your choice, you will be expected to uphold Her virtues to the best of your ability at all times. Intentionally acting in opposition of these virtues can result in nothing less than death for you, as only one of each Aspect may be alive at any given moment, and if you are not fit to be one, you must be replaced.

Each Aspect represents one of Her vices and virtues. Based on your choice, some of your features with this subclass will change for you.

Life represents Her vice of fear and Her virtue of bravery. Aspects of Life have historically been capable of healing any wound and saving any life.

Death represents Her vice of grief or loss and Her virtue of determination. Aspects of Death are the most in tune with Her, and can speak with the energy of the world, including the recently dead.

Light represents Her vice of pride and Her virtue of cooperation. Aspects of Light are known for illusions, teleportation, and their ability to mirror the spells of their foes.

Dark represents Her vice of greed and Her virtue of generosity. Aspects of Darkness were once shrouded in mystery, for they had the ability to infuse magic into the world and even themselves.

Fire represents Her vice of persecution and Her virtue of righteousness. Aspects of Fire gain the most from their own virtue, and grow stronger as they grow closer to Her, often Her greatest warriors.

Water represents Her vice of willful ignorance and Her virtue of discovery. Aspects of Water, alone, can create and use new spells that they may teach to others.

Wind represents Her vice of arrogance and Her virtue of equality. Aspects of Wind are known for their ability to fight on even ground with any foe, no matter how fearsome.

Earth represents Her vice of indulgence or selfishness and Her virtue of love or selflessness. Aspects of Earth grow more powerful when they live solely for the sake of others - especially if it is one individual.

Expanded Spell List[edit]

The Mana Patron lets you choose from an expanded list of spells when you learn a warlock spell. The following spells are added to the warlock spell list for you based on which Aspect you choose to become.

Choose one Aspect from below moving forward. Your choice cannot change in the future. For spells higher than 5th level, you must use your Mystic Arcanum to gain access to them.

Aspect Spells
Life spare the dying, lesser restoration, revivify, mass heal c,2,3,9
Death speak with animals, speak with dead, locate creature, divine word 1,3,4,7
Light shield, blink, greater invisibility, teleport 1,3,4,7
Dark identify, shatter, fabricate, clone 1,2,4,8
Fire detect thoughts, zone of truth, death ward, tenser s transformation 2,2,4,6
Water heroism, haste, death ward, sequester 1,3,4,7
Wind command, calm emotions, circle of power, antimagic field 1,2,5,8
Earth guidance, warding bond, rary s telepathic bond, telepathy c,2,5,8

Mana's Chosen[edit]

At level 1, once per long rest, you may spend one minute in meditation to regain a single spell slot. This is a 1st level spell slot, and becomes a 2nd level spell slot when you reach 10th level in this class. At 14th level, this meditation can produce up to a 3rd level spell slot.

Favor of the Virtuous[edit]

Starting at 6th level, when you must make an ability check or save, you may substitute another attribute. For example, if you would be poisoned and must make a Constitution save, you may choose to make a Charisma save instead. When you do so, The Mana draws upon this new Aspect of yourself to aid you. You may use this ability a number of times equal to half your proficiency bonus, rounded down, and regain expended uses on a long rest.

True Living Aspect[edit]

Beginning at 10th level, your powers as a Living Aspect of The Mana completely develop. You gain one new ability based on your earlier choice. This new ability matches the Aspect you chose to become. As an optional rule, when you gain this ability, you are also imbued with the virtue of your Aspect, if you did not already exhibit such a trait.

Aspect Virtue Ability
Life Bravery When beginning a short rest, you are affected by the Regenerate spell. Once per long rest, you may cast this spell on another creature at will with no material requirement. Additionally, once per long rest, when you are reduced to 0 hit points, instead of rolling a death save you regain 1 hit point and may stand immediately if you so choose.
Death Determination During a short rest, you may call upon the world around you to answer your questions. You may ask a number of questions equal to your Charisma modifier, and each time must ask something new. If the scene is a struggle, you may ask the blood spilled one question, such as "To whom do you belong." You might also ask the ground, "who has tread upon you." Each time, you receive a truthful answer, but with only as much detail as the GM decides.
Light Cooperation When a spell is cast using any verbal, somatic, or material component within 100ft by a creature you can see or hear, you may use your reaction to learn what spell it is and add it to your spell list until you finish a long rest. In order to cast it, you must have the appropriate level of spell slot. If it is 5th level or higher, and you have the corresponding level of Mystic Arcanum, you may expend that ability instead.
Dark Generosity Choose a spell, from any class list, which you have a spell slot to cast. Expend the spell slot and infuse your chosen spell into an object for a number of days equal to your Charisma modifier. You may not activate the spell, but an ally may. When they do so, the spell uses your spellcasting abilities, but is manipulated by whoever activated the object.
Fire Righteousness You gain strength for each virtue you embody. For each, add +1 to damage you deal with cantrips or weapon attacks. The GM will decide if you sufficiently exhibit the proper traits, and may begin to test each of your virtues with visions or vivid dreams. If you pass a test, but later fall short, you may lose this bonus. As an optional rule, your alignment shifts to Good.
Water Discovery With the help of The Mana, you construct a new spell. Choose a spell you know and can cast, then decide if you will change the damage type or save type. The GM rolls a d100 in secret; on a 49 or below, the change fails and you cannot try again for one week. On a 50 to 75, you successfully change the spell and can cast your new version instead when you would otherwise cast the spell. On a 76 to 100, you may instead teach the spell to an ally over a short rest, provided they have the appropriate spell slot to cast it. The modified spell is added to their spell list and does not count against the number of spells they can know or prepare.
Wind Equality Once per long rest, as an action, negate all magical effects within 30ft of you for up to ten minutes. No spells can be cast, magic weapons and items cease functioning even if they are attuned, barriers vanish, and concentration spells are paused. You may end this effect at will. When the effect ends, all previously blocked effects resume, including concentration spells. Only deities are immune to this effect.
Earth Selflessness Choose an allied creature to designate as your master. As long as you are within one mile of your master, your movement speed is increased by half (rounded up to the nearest 5ft), you may add your Charisma modifier to attack and damage rolls made with melee weapons you are proficient with, as well as damage rolls of cantrips. If your master is dropped to 0 hit points by an enemy and is in range of this ability, these bonuses are doubled until you finish a long rest. Upon awakening from your long rest, gain one point of exhaustion.

Mana Manifestation[edit]

At 14th level, once per long rest, as an action, you may surrender yourself to The Mana's will if you are below half your maximum hit points. The GM rolls a d100 in secret. On a 1 to 25, you are possessed by the Mana but gain 5 levels of exhaustion when this ability ends. On a 26 to 50, gain 2 levels of exhaustion. On a 51 to 75, you are not exhausted when this ability ends and may try to use it again (roll a d20, and an 11 or higher restarts this ability). On a 76 to 99, you are not exhausted and can use this ability a second time. On a 100, you are not exhausted, but The Mana takes full control of your body and manifests into the world.

If you are possessed by The Mana, for ten minutes you are proficient with all simple and martial weapons, your unarmed strikes and melee weapon attacks cannot deal less than 1d10 + your Charisma modifier. You are unaffected by difficult terrain, and you have advantage on saving throws for maintaining concentration, resisting fear or charm, and you cannot be possessed by another entity or cursed in any way. Gain temporary hit points equal to half your current hit points upon activating this ability.

If The Mana completely overtakes you, She is a creature as detailed here. In this event, your body is no longer under your control and you are considered unconscious for ten minutes or until The Mana retreats from your body, whichever is shorter. The Mana is not obligated to follow through on any of your choices or promises unless she has agreed to do so ahead of time, and she may act and make decisions on her own.

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