Malcanther: Queen of Succubi (3.5e Demonic Pacts)

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Malcanther: Queen of Succubi[edit]

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  • Level: 3
  • Binding DC: 22
  • Special requirement: none


Malcanther is said to be the most beautiful of demons. She is highly social, and many male demons will recognize her fondly.


This statuesque beauty wears a sardonic smile on her ruby lips. Curved horns jut from her brow and hold back her long dark hair and her eyes smolder with dangerous red sensuality. Large leathery wings stretch from her back, the joints of which are laced with razor-like claws, and a sinuous tail ending in a thin curved spike completes the image of demonic beauty. She wears a revealing gown of diaphanous silk and razor-studded leather straps, and she idly toys with a glittering and sparkling scourge made of fine adamantine spiked chains.

Special summoning[edit]


Malcanthet temporarily removes scares, sores, and blemishes that would mare the beauty of her host who also gains a small but distinct fangs.


Malcanther bids you to toy with the hearts and minds of others. You must feint an interest towards all suitors and any potential partnerships, allience, friendships etc, if only to have more cards in hand.

Granted abilities[edit]

Sneak attack[edit]

You again +2d6 sneak attack damage, plus an additional 1d6 for every 5 EBL you possess.

Revoke enchantment[edit]

Any enchantment that effects you can be dismiss after one round as a standard action.

Trade Skills[edit]

At the time you bind Malcanthet, choose three skills from the following list: bluff, diplomacy, gather information, forgery, hide, move silently, or sense motive. You may use the chosen skills as though you where trained in them and may take 10 on skill check made with the chosen skills, even when rushed or distracted.


Target creature in line of sight and within 30ft must succeed a Will save or be drawn towards you. The effected creature must therefore spend a move actions each turn moving towards you and if possible into an adjacent square. If he can not reach you, he moves up to his base speed toward the nearest available square. The beckon creature moves around hazards and threatened squares and is as aware of threats except that he is no longer able to perceive you as threat and is therefor unable to attack you or raise a his defenses against you(flat footed). Upon reaching its destination the creature sends a move action during each turn to ideally observes. This effect last for 1 round per 2 EBL max 10 rounds, but ends in response to any hostile attraction you make against the target (but not his allies). This ability can be used once every five rounds. This is a mind effecting ability. You can only effect one creature at a time with this ability. Creatures of the same creature type who have a different sub-type receive a +2 bonus on saves against this ability, while creatures of entirely different creature types receive a +4 bonus.

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