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Similar to Avandra's symbol.

Domains: Freedom, Earth
Warpriest Domain: Sel√Ľne

Maivanda is a demigod that is loyal to Avandra. Although she is good, Maivanda is chaotic and opposes firm and inflexible law and order (which earns the long-time feud with Eratis). Maivanda is praised as lover of the natural, on natures good side, the precursor to nature, and the employer of the animal kingdom. She loves anarchy, animals, forest, rangers, traveling, trees, wild vegetation, woodlands, and their harmless animal inhabitants. She does not love the evil animal inhabitants. Though she loves a variety of animals, she prefers bears. The bears and the bearborn are fond of Maivanda, since they have strong ideals and aren't strict. The demigod has adopted some of Avandra's orders but bend them and added some own to her own beliefs. Here are her orders:

  • Love and respect the forest and its inhabitants.
  • Loyalty to Avandra is not enforced, but will be rewarded.
  • Oppose all laws and be yourself.

She wanders the natural world protecting forests everywhere and even sometimes falling a kingdom if the natural world would benefit from it. Maivanda employs the service of animals as messengers as well as combatants. Animals in her employ include moose, deer, birds, and even bears. Maivanda doesn't have temples, instead her followers meet in forests or other similar places.

Cleric Training[edit]

The clerics of Maivanda are disorganized, so only a few orders (like the Siblings of Maivanda) exist. When clerics do meet, they set up a temporary site surround by rocks, plants, a runes, and they meet together in a circle. A small fire is at the center.

Heralds and Allies[edit]

Among Maivenda's few orders, there is the Siblings of Maivanda. The Siblings of Maivanda are infamous, since they usually break down all law. The Siblings of Maivanda are blessed by the demi-god herself. Most of the creatures in the order are animals. Horses are mounts, bears our footsolders, and bearborn are the elite.

The most famous of Maivanda's xarchs is the Golden Bear. She looks like a Teddy Bear, but mentally she is nothing but a bear.

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