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Magically Inclined [Magical Feats][edit]

You are so attuned with magic that your innate ability to cast magic isn't restricted to just your chosen spellcaster class.
Prerequisite: Any race that has a specified spellcaster class as a favored class, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma must be a 13 or better, Level 1 or better in any spellcaster class.
Benefit: Can cast any spell equal to their caster level from any non-domain, or non-prestige spellcaster's class spell list as long as they meet the ability score prerequisites (appropriate ability score = 10 + spell level). The spellcaster must prepare their normal class spells as required by their class, follow their normal classes spell progression and cannot exceed more than their allotted daily spells (which includes bonus spells). Specialty spellcaster classes retain their specialty spells (i.e. Clerics retain their domain spells and prestige classes retain their prestige class spells). As an example: a 10th level Elf Wizard with an intelligence of 17, the wisdom of 15 and the charisma of 13 can swap out and cast 0-5th level spells except for any domain spells, prestige class spells or charisma based spells over a 3rd caster level (or the class level equivalent, whichever applies, darn you bards, and your weird spell progression) as long as the Wizard has a previously prepared spell of that level or higher to swap it out with. Classes that are required to keep spellbooks, like Wizards, are not required to have the other classes spells written in their spellbook to access them. A gnome cleric of the same level and stats can cast the same spells as the Elf Wizard plus their chosen domain spells. Clerics are not required to have a spellbook.
Normal: Can not cast spells from any other spellcaster class, can only cast class spells
Special: Spell failure penalties from armor still apply unless other feats are taken to remove it. The races that have Favored Class: Any are not eligible to take this feat. Spells swapped out must be equal or a lower spell level to the spell being swapped out with.

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