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Magic Water Pool [Special, Racial]

You were born with a magical connection to water - You are always in water, and use your swim speed accordingly.
Prerequisite: Must be Aquatic, must be able to cast level 0 or higher spells, character level 1st.
Benefit: You are always immersed in a semi-real 5 ft. × 2 ft. pool of water, no matter how you move. This allows you to move across land with your swim speed and you may breathe as if underwater. For any other purposes, you are affected as if on land (suffer difficult terrain penalties, cannot fly (without appropriate ability) etc.). The water pool may not be affected or changed by any means. The pool has no effect on other creatures, it does not change line of effect for spells, nor attacks nor anything else that could be affected.

If you go above ground level, you remain immersed in the form of a floating sphere of water, if you change position instantaneously, the water remains with you, you cannot leave the pool by any means.
Normal: You move on land with your land speed, aquatic creatures cannot breathe air unless they have the amphibious quality.

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