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Table: Magic Gun, Pistol[edit]

Table: Magic Gun[edit]

Exotic Ranged Weapons Cost Dmg (S) Dmg (M) Dmg (L) Critical Range Increment Weight Type
Ranged Weapon
Magic Gun, Pistol 400 gp 1d6 1d6 1d6 ×2 60 ft 2 lb. Piercing

Magic Guns are not actually magical, thought it does detect as faint evocation. A Magic Gun only has magical properties only in the hand of a gun mage. A Magic Gun fires regular bullets by using magical force as propulsion. A Magic Pistol holds up to 6 rounds of ammunition in a cylinder cartridge. Treat a Magic Gun as a Bow for the purposes of determining the number of attacks per turn that you get.

Loading a Magic Gun to full capacity is a full round action that provokes an attack of oppurtunity. Loading one bullet is a move action.

A Magic Gun can be used to Imbue Bullets and Channel Magic if the wielder is a gun mage. Imbuing Bullets consumes one bullet. Channeling magic does not consume any bullets.

A Magic Pistol is just a one-handed, weaker version of the Magic Rifle. The Magic Gun requires a crafting (alchemy) check of DC 20. Crafting ammunition for the Magic Gun requires a crafting (alchemy) check of DC 12. Ammunition costs 1gp per 20 bullets.

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