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Mage Breaker[edit]

Fighter Subclass The Mage Breaker is a master of battle against the arcane arts. A powerful force on the battlefield where mages wreak havoc against armies, they work to undermine the effectiveness of even the most potent spells.

Engage the Arcane:

Starting at level 3 when you choose this subclass, you gain the effects of the Martial Adept feat. You begin with 1d6 superiority die, and choose 2 combat maneuvers from the Battle master’s list. You gain 1 more superiority die for every 5 additional fighter levels you take after 3rd level.
Additionally, you may add your intelligence modifier to your Maneuver DC against a creature concentrating on a spell.

Shield of the Martyr:

Starting at level 7, Your bravery against the arcane has given you the confidence to face down the most feared opponents. Once per short rest, you may cast compelled duel against a foe. Your spell casting modifier is your intelligence, and your spell save DC is equal to your Combat Maneuver DC
Additionally, if an ally within 5 feet of you becomes the target of a spell attack, you may use your reaction to interpose yourself and become the target of the attack instead.

Combat Reflexes

You learn to anticipate the arcane attacks of your foes and often move out of their way before being hurt by them.

Starting at 10th level, you are considered proficient in saving throws against spells requiring a Intelligence, Strength, or Dexterity saving throw.
Additionally, you have learned several new uses for your reactions each turn:
  • As a as a reaction to being attacked with a melee spell attack, you may add your intelligence modifier to your Armor Class. You must be able to see the attack to use this ability.*
  • As a reaction, you can force you or one ally within 5 feet of you to reroll a saving throw against a spell, taking the second result regardless of the roll. You must be able to see the attack to use this ability, and the ally must be willing to reroll otherwise this fails.*
  • As a reaction to taking damage from a spell attack that targets you can move up to half your movement speed immediately. Alternatively, if you know a cantrip, you may cast a cantrip you know with casting time of one action or less.

Turn the Arcane

Starting at 15th level, your extensive understanding of the arcane has given you power over those weak in the arcane. As a bonus action on your turn, you may extend an arcane shield around those around you, lasting until the start of your next turn. This shield has a radius equal to five times your intelligence modifier. Whenever you or an ally within this shield becomes the target of a spell, the attacker must first overcome the arcane defenses around you. Casters make spell attacks at disadvantage against creatures within your shield. If the caster fails this check, the spell ricochets off the shield harmlessly. Otherwise the attack proceeds as normal. For area of effect spells, while inside the shield creatures take half damage if they fail the saving throw and no damage on a successful save.
This ability acts like concentration on a spell. If you take damage while maintaining the shield, roll a concentration check against a DC of 10 or 1/2 the damage you took, which ever is higher. If you fail the saving throw or cast another concentration spell, the shield drops.

Advanced Arcane Turning:

Starting at 18th level, your study and experience has made you a master of fighting the arcane. When using your Turn the Arcane feature, you may use your reaction to impose a penalty equal to your intelligence modifier to the next spell-based attack against one creature withing your shield's radius. Additionally, if the barrier successfully deflects the spell it instead absorbs it, bolstering your defenses. The first time the shield absorbs a spell, choose one of the following effects. You may choose only one such effect to be active for this round.
  • The weave breaks down the magical attack into energy that protects you. Each additional spell absorbed by the shield adds +1 to your AC until the start of your next turn. If the spell absorbed is of 8th level or higher, the boost is +2.*
  • The magical energy flows through your veins like fire, spurring you into motion. You gain a number of reactions this turn equal to your dexterity modifier. At the beginning of your next turn you loose any unused reactions. Any additional spells absorbed by the shield have no effect.

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