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Madeira Wine[edit]

A high-quality, fortified, oxidized wine produced at a high temperature (to reproduce the effects of a long sea voyage in a tropical climate). This wine is inherently stable, and will keep a long time (over 200 years). It will keep up to 1 year in a hot climate, even after being opened.

Madeira Wine is said to have mystical properties for curing cyanide poisoning. Anyone who ingests Madeira Wine within 1 minute of being poisoned with cyanide is cured within 1d4 rounds. Drinking this wine while not under the effect of cyanide poisoning will give a +3 alchemical bonus to Fortitude saves against cyanide poisoning for 6 hours.

Market Price: 5gp (glass), 50gp (bottle)

Wikipedia: Madeira Wine

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