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Melee Weapons

Melee weapons are used in close combat, and they are generally among the simplest types of weapons. The feat that provides proficiency with these weapons varies from weapon to weapon; some are considered simple weapons (covered by the Simple Weapons Proficiency feat); others are archaic (Archaic Weapons Proficiency) or exotic (Exotic Melee Weapon Proficiency).

A character’s Strength modifier is always added to a melee weapon’s attack roll and damage roll.

Simple Melee Weapons

Archaic Melee Weapons

Exotic Melee Weapons

Melee Weapons Table

Melee weapons are described by a number of statistics, as shown on Table: Melee Weapons.

Damage: The damage the weapon deals on a successful hit.

Critical: The threat range for a critical hit. If the threat is confirmed, a weapon deals double damage on a critical hit (roll damage twice, as if hitting the target two times).

Damage Type: Melee weapon damage is classified according to type: bludgeoning (weapons with a blunt striking surface), energy (of a specific type), piercing (weapons with a sharp point), and slashing (weapons with an edged blade). Some creatures or characters may be resistant or immune to some forms of damage.

Range Increment: Melee weapons that are designed to be thrown can be used to make ranged attacks. As such, they have a range increment just as other ranged weapons do—but the maximum range for a thrown weapon is five range increments instead of ten.

Any attack at less than the given range increment is not penalized for range. However, each full range increment causes a cumulative –2 penalty on the attack roll.

Size: Size categories for weapons and other objects are defined differently from the size categories for creatures. The relationship between a weapon’s size and that of its wielder defines whether it can be used one-handed, if it requires two hands, and if it’s a light weapon.

A Medium-size or smaller weapon can be used one-handed or two-handed. A Large weapon requires two hands.

A Small or smaller weapon is considered a light weapon. It can be used one-handed and, as a light weapon, is easier to use in a character’s off hand.

Weight: This column gives the weapon’s weight.

Purchase DC: This is the purchase DC for a Wealth check to acquire the weapon.

Restriction: None of the following melee weapons have restrictions on their purchase.

Table: Melee Weapons
Weapon Damage Critical Damage Type Range Increment Size Weight Purchase DC Restriction
Simple Weapons (require the Simple Weapons Proficiency feat)
Brass knuckles 1 20 Bludgeoning Tiny 1 lb. 5
Cleaver 1d6 19–20 Slashing Small 2 lb. 5
Club 1d6 20 Bludgeoning 10 ft. Med 3 lb. 4
Club, spiked 1d8 20 Bludgeoning, Piercing Med. 8 lb. 5
Dagger, punching 1d4 20/x3 Piercing Tiny 2 lb. 5
Gauntlet * * Bludgeoning * 2 lb. 5
Gauntlet, spiked 1d4 20 Piercing Tiny 2 lb. 6
Ketch-all pole* 1d4* 20 Bludgeoning Large 8 lb. 11
Knife 1d4 19–20 Piercing 10 ft. Tiny 1 lb. 7
Mace, heavy 1d8 20 Bludgeoning Med. 8 lb. 5
Mace, light 1d6 20 Bludgeoning Small 6 lb. 4
Metal baton 1d6 19–20 Bludgeoning Med 2 lb. 8
Pistol whip 1d4 20 Bludgeoning Small
Quarterstaff*‡ 1d6/1d6 20 Bludgeoning Large 4 lb. 3
Rifle butt 1d6 20 Bludgeoning Large
Sap 1d61 20 Bludgeoning Small 3 lb. 2
Shortspear 1d8 20/x3 Piercing 20 ft. Large 5 lb. 5
Sickle 1d6 20 Slashing Small 3 lb. 3
Stun gun1 1d3 20 Electricity Tiny 1 lb. 5
Tonfa1 1d4 20 Bludgeoning Med 2 lb. 6
Archaic Weapons (require the Archaic Weapons Proficiency feat)
Battleaxe 1d8 20/x3 Slashing Med. 7 lb. 11
Bayonet (fixed)1 1d4/1d6 20 Piercing Large 1 lb. 7
Cutlass* 1d6 19–20 Piercing, Slashing Small 3 lb. 11
Falchion 2d4 18–20 Slashing Large 16 lb. 12
Flail, heavy* 1d10 19–20 Bludgeoning Large 20 lb. 8
Flail, light* 1d8 20 Bludgeoning Med. 5 lb. 7
Glaive† 1d10 20/x3 Slashing Large 15 lb. 9
Greataxe 1d12 20/x3 Slashing Large 20 lb. 12
Greatclub 1d10 20 Bludgeoning Large 10 lb. 6
Greatsword 2d6 19–20 Slashing Large 15 lb. 13
Guisarme*† 2d4 20/x3 Slashing Large 15 lb. 9
Halberd*† 1d10 20/x3 Piercing, Slashing Large 15 lb. 10
Hatchet 1d6 20 Slashing 10 ft. Small 4 lb. 4
Lance, heavy 1d8 20/x3 Piercing Med. 10 lb. 7
Lance, light 1d6 20/x3 Piercing Small 5 lb. 6
Longsword 1d8 19–20 Slashing Med 4 lb. 11
Machete 1d6 19–20 Slashing Small 2 lb. 5
Maul 1d10 20/x3 Bludgeoning Large 20 lb. 10
Naginata† 1d10 20/x3 Slashing Large 15 lb. 13
Pick 1d4 20/x4 Piercing Small 4 lb. 6
Pickaxe 1d6 20/x4 Piercing Med. 6 lb. 7
Ranseur† 2d4 20/x3 Piercing Large 15 lb. 9
Rapier 1d6 18–20 Piercing Med 3 lb. 10
Saber* 1d8 19–20 Slashing, Piercing Med. 4 lb. 11
Scimitar 1d6 18–20 Slashing Med. 4 lb. 12
Scythe 2d4 20/x4 Piercing, Slashing Large 12 lb. 7
Spear 1d8 20 Piercing Large 9 lb. 6
Straight razor 1d4 19–20 Slashing Tiny 0.5 lb. 4
Sword cane1 1d6 18–20 Piercing Med 3 lb. 9
Sword, short 1d6 19–20 Piercing Small 3 lb. 10
Trident 1d8 20 Piercing 10 ft. Med. 5 lb. 7
Wakizashi 1d6 19–20 Slashing Small 3 lb. 11
Warhammer 1d8 20/x3 Bludgeoning Med. 8 lb. 9
Exotic Melee Weapons (each requires a specific Exotic Melee Weapon Proficiency feat)
Axe, orc double*‡ 1d8/1d8 20/x3 Slashing Large 25 lb. 15
Chain1 1d6/1d6 20 Bludgeoning Large 5 lb. 5
Chain saw 3d6 20 Slashing Large 10 lb. 9
Flail, dire*‡ 1d8/1d8 20 Bludgeoning Large 20 lb. 15
Hammer, gnome hooked*‡ 1d6/1d4 x3/x4* Bludgeoning, Piercing Med. 6 lb. 15
Kama 1d6 20 Slashing Small 2 lb. 5
Katana 2d6 19–20 Slashing Large 6 lb. 12
Khopesh* 1d8 19–20 Slashing Med. 12 lb. 11
Kukri 1d4 18–20 Slashing Small 1 lb. 5
Nekode* 1d4 20 Piercing Tiny 2 lb. 8
Ninja-to* 1d6 19–20 Slashing Small 3 lb. 10
Nunchaku 1d6 20 Bludgeoning Small 2 lb. 3
Scourge* 1d8 20 Slashing Med. 2 lb. 6
Shikomi-zue 1d8 20/x3 Piercing Large 5 lb. 12
Sword, bastard* 1d10 19–20 Slashing Med. 10 lb. 15
Sword, two-bladed*‡ 1d8/1d8 19–20 Slashing Large 15 lb. 16
Three-section staff1 1d10/1d10 20 Bludgeoning Large 3 lb. 4
Urgosh, dwarven*‡ 1d8/1d6 20/x3 Slashing, Piercing Large 15 lb. 15
Waraxe, dwarven* 1d10 20/x3 Slashing Med. 15 lb. 15
War fan* 1d6 20/x3 Slashing Small 3 lb. 12
  1. See the description of this weapon for special rules. Reach weapon. Double weapon.

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