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Astronaut Trainee

As scientists and pioneers, astronaut trainees have prepared their minds and bodies for the rigors of space travel and life in space. They are elite members of a sophisticated space program, waiting for the opportunity to hurl themselves into the void to advance humanity’s understanding of science and shed light on the mysteries of the universe.

Prerequisite: Age 21+.

Skills: Choose two of the following skills as permanent class skills. If a skill you select is already a class skill, you gain a +1 competence bonus on checks using that skill.

Computer Use (Int), Craft (electronic, mechanical, or pharmaceutical) (Int), Knowledge (earth and life sciences, physical sciences, or technology) (Int), Navigate (Int), Pilot (Dex), Repair (Int), Survival (Wis).

Bonus Feat: Select either Aircraft Operation (spacecraft) or Zero-G Training.

Wealth Bonus Increase: +1.

MSRD -> Occupations

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