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Luminous Water[edit]

This alchemical substance is created by repeated distillation of bioluminescents such as glow-worm or mushrooms. This alchemical substance is very simple to make, even for amateur alchemists.

This substance will glow in natural darkness, illuminating the immediate area as a light spell for an entire evening (12 hours if kept in a glass flask or other transparent container [see below]). Luminous Water can also be thrown as a splash weapon. Treat this as a ranged touch attack with an increment of 10 feet. A direct hit illuminates the target, giving a +1 to attack rolls to hit the target for 10 minutes. This substance will not shed light in magical darkness, such as the darkness spell.

Luminous Water that is contained within a transparent flask or vial (so as to act like a torch) will need to be exposed to sunlight for 1 hour per day. If it is not exposed to sunlight each day, then it will no longer shed light until it is exposed to sunlight again. Instead of exposing to sunlight, it can also be heated at a low temperture for five minutes to recharge. Luminous Water that is diluted, spilled, or otherwise removed from a sealed container ceases to shed light after 10 minutes.

Prerequisites: Brew Potion or Craft (alchemy) 1 rank ; Market Price: 15gp ; To Create: 3gp and 1 XP ;

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