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Lucky Fumbler[edit]

The Wizard, tripping over his own robes, unknowingly saves his life, jumping out of the way of an axe. The Bard, stringing a wrong note, gives the party just enough time to gain the advantage in the fight. A Barbarian accidentally throwing his weapon, only to cleave through the skull of an attacker sneaking up on them. You have been one of these lucky few. Just managing to pull ahead by the skin of your teeth because fate smiled upon you. You're not sure why you're so lucky, it's been this way for as long as you can remember. Sometimes your luck runs out and you get into a tricky situation, but there are still times when your luck has come around. Do you enjoy this luck and prefer not to ask questions? Do you wish it would go away somehow, so you can trust in your own skills rather than fate? Or perhaps your luck has stopped recently? Maybe you seek to find out why this fortune you were blessed with is gone, so that you may either reclaim it or leave your fortune in the dust. Only you, time, and a little bit of luck will tell.

Skill Proficiencies: You gain proficiency in Acrobatics and Investigation.

Tool Proficiencies: One gaming set of your choice.

Languages: One language of your choice

Equipment: A pouch containing 15 gp, a gaming set you are proficient with, a set of common clothes, and an item that reminds you of your luck.

Feature: Food of Fortune[edit]

You're just a bit luckier than most people and then tends to help you out just a bit. Typically your luck finds you a nice hot meal, free of charge. Sometimes its someone messing up an order and deciding to generously give you the meal and sometimes its some preserved food you found hidden in a hollowed out log. Somehow, you rarely go hungry.

Alternate Feature: Commoner's Insight[edit]

It seems you've run out of luck, maybe even for good this time. Because of this you find yourself needing to rely on your skills more often, which has brought you much closer to the common folk. Commoners will help you in what ways they can, mostly information. They can tell you the locations of buildings within town, local rumors, and advice that may be useful to you. However, they won't tell you information that might endanger them.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

d8 Personality Trait
1 I am rather clumsy near people I admire or am in love with.
2 When speaking, I usually slip up and then try again from the top.
3 I hate my luck and feel like I should be legitimately good.
4 I hate my luck and feel like I am legitimately good, even though everyone else thinks i'm just lucky.
5 I depend on my luck, usually.
6 People around me commonly comment on my luck.
7 I usually go unnoticed until my luck comes into play.
8 I believe my luck is not luck at all; it is skill.
d6 Ideal
1 Redemption. I seek to prove my skill is what I use, not Luck. (Lawful)
2 For the Better. I depend on my Luck and want to spread it to others. (Good)
3 Unnoticed. I want my Luck to go unnoticed, to be normal. (Any)
4 Overbearing. I shove my Luck into other peoples' faces, trying to prove something. (Evil)
5 Arrogant. Because of how lucky I seem to be, I believe I can do whatever I want. 9Chaao
6 Belief. My luck is nothing but the universe picking where I end up. Lets see where the dice take me. (Neutral)
d6 Bond
1 I'm in love with someone, and I'm hoping to get lucky as to be theirs one day.
2 Out of sheer luck, I beat a noble in a gamble. They now want my head for dishonoring them.
3 My father taught me about how luck works in the world. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be where I am now.
4 My bad luck may or may not have gotten me in trouble with the law a few times. Now I'm wanted... Just my luck...
5 A group of scholars are hunting me down. Their goal I think, is to figure out how to harness my luck for their personal desires.
6 I've caught wind of a faraway treasure worth more than the world. If I'm lucky, it is real, and I'll find it.
d6 Flaw
1 I can never not stumble in a - a - a conversation.
2 Due to my clumsiness, I make my teammates uncomfortable.
3 I sometimes do cool things only to screw them up again.
4 My luck is something I like to shove into other people's faces... even if it gets me in trouble.
5 Because of my luck, I have a terrible gambling addiction.
6 I never stop and think things through, believing my luck will always get me out of a sticky situation.

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