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chaotic good
Domains: arcana

Risen from servitude to Pyroath Aerogon through the destruction of the rival god: Bess Carita[1],Lucan is an elven creature of pale bronze skin, clad beneath armor whose elaborate expanse shimmers with captured light like the luminescent souls of mortals, upon each hexagonal facet of its metallic almond links, his perfectly symetrical face gleaming beneath sable cowl and pale ivory mask, whose length is wrought of pearl, and shot through with slender cracks like veins, exposing the amber flesh beneath. His, is the power of arcana and thus he is a minor Lord who serves Mystra with unfading loyalty, guarding all that is good with the universe, and personally assaulting that which is ill. Lucan, is the silent guardian of the cosmos, and thus will ensure that all mortals remain untainted by hate, by jealousy, by war.


  • Those dedicated to the cause of justice, will be forever rewarded within his astral realm.

weapons and skills[edit]

ac: 45 hp: 95 attack: Lucan holds command over any magic hewn by mortal or deity, yet his are far stronger, nearly tenfold the ordinary damage and modifier.

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