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Loyal Priest

A Serious Conversation by Ludwig Johann Passini

You are no simple initiate or acolyte. You are a priest, one already higher up in the religious hierarchy of the institution you preach in. None can claim fealty as much as you when it comes to faith in the god, the leader of this religious body. Your belief is unshakeable and your loyalty is not to be questioned. You know the artifacts and magics of your deity inside and out, as your intense faith amplifies your knowledge. Your peers know of your intense dedication and respect you for your life's work and contributions. However, this territory can mean trouble when confronted with those of opposing sects or religions, as your stalwart faith is an affront to them.

When making a loyal priest, keep in mind that you always answer to some higher power. You may not necessarily be a constant sycophant of a deity. Perhaps your loyalty is to a king, who has a divine mandate, or even simply to the head of a religious body, like a pope. Also, consider how you scaled this hierarchy to become a priest or even a high priest. Were you just a bright-eyed initiate too? Are you traveling to preach of your religious views or lead a divine purge on nonbelievers?

Skill Proficiencies: Religion, Arcana

Tool Proficiencies: Calligrapher's Supplies

Languages: One language associated with your deity (so if you worshipped a god of nature, you would know Sylvan, where a god of light would maybe grant you a Celestial tongue, etc.)

Equipment: religious vestments of your sect (fine clothes), a censer and a block of incense, a prayer book with a holy symbol on it, and a pouch with 10 gp

Feature: Divine Favorite

As a priest, you command greater respect of your followers than some neophyte initiate. You and your companions can expect to receive free healing and care at a temple, shrine, or other established presence of your faith. You may have a residence or station of office within the establishment of your faith, reserved for higher-ups in the institutional hierarchy. You also can call upon other priests of your religion when you are in the temple to provide assistance, granted that it is not hazardous.

Suggested Characteristics

Loyal priests can be varying in temperament. Some are hard-headed and intolerant of criticisms to their faith or loyalty. Others are kinder, adhering to sweet words to soften up possible converts.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I idolize a particular hero of my faith, and constantly refer to that person's deeds and example.
2 I can find common ground between the fiercest enemies, empathizing with them and always working towards peace.
3 I see omens in every event and action. The gods try to speak to us, we just need to listen
4 Nothing can shake my optimistic attitude.
5 I quote (or misquote) sacred texts and proverbs in almost every situation.
6 I am tolerant (or intolerant) of other faiths and respect (or condemn) the worship of other gods.
7 I've enjoyed fine food, drink, and high society among my temple's elite. Rough living grates on me.
8 I've spent so long in the temple that I have little practical experience dealing with people in the outside world.
d6 Ideal
1 Proselytization. Everyone needs to hear the word of my faith and institution! (Any)
2 Power. This faith of mine is what will secure me greater power, here and in the afterlife. (Neutral)
3 Avarice. So long as my fidelity to the institution keeps my pockets lined, they shall have my loyalty. (Evil)
4 Herald. People need to be warned of what they are doing wrong and it is my calling to do so. (Good)
5 Vessel. My god can do no wrong. My god can use me as they please. (Chaotic)
6 Divine Legality. I will live to follow, down to the letter, that which is lain as the law of my god and establishment. (Lawful)
d6 Bond
1 The body of the religious establishment is one big family.
2 It is the job of us who carry divine word to help others.
3 My relationship to my deity is private.
4 My brotherhood of priests is as thick as thieves.
5 I have a love I spurned in favor of my faith.
6 I do good deeds to be admired for my faith.
d6 Flaw
1 I am overzealous.
2 People find I prattle too much about my beliefs.
3 I often dismiss other's points of view.
4 My loyalty is blind.
5 Greed motivates my so-called faith.
6 I cannot stand poverty.

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