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"I've always wondered why it's so easy"

You've always had a special kind of charm on people. For some reason, people see you as an ideal candidate for an evening of fun, or a lifelong partner. This ... skill ? ... gave you a rather strange point of view on life.

What sort of lover are you ? What do people remember you for the most ? What are you searching for in life ? Are you running from anything ?

Who were the key people of your upbringing ? What was your reputation in your home town ? The adorable child, the lewd bastard, the cursed kid ? Why did you leave ? How much did you travel in your life before this ? It might be a good idea to see with your DM the list of cities and towns in which you have lovers and determine who these lovers are beforehand for a more smooth introduction of their characters in the game.

Skill Proficiencies: Persuasion and Performance

Tool Proficiencies: Thieves tools or Herbalist's pack or Disguise kit

Languages: two standard languages of your choice.

Equipment: a set of elegant clothes, a set of traveller's clothes, a grooming kit including a block of soap, a belt pouch with 20 gp.

Feature: A Lover in Every City[edit]

You have perfected the art of seduction and getting partners into your bed. Even more than that, you've learned how to make people want you. Because of your habit to pick up lovers everywhere you go, you have a lover in every city, town, village you have visited and make a new lover in every place you visit for the first time within your first week of being there. In addition, you know how to court humanoids of all races, nations, social status, and sexes.

d8 Lover's Social Status/Lifestyle
1 Wretched
2 Squalid
3 Poor
4 Modest
5 Comfortable
6 Wealthy
7 Aristocratic
8 You choose or roll again
d8 Lover's Base Personality
1 Kind/Gentle
2 Adventurous/Curious
3 Timid/Reserved
4 Intellectual/Patient
5 Snob/Arogant
6 Prideful/Honorable
7 Jealous/Possessive
8 Graceful/Noble Heart

Alternate Feature: Curse of Attraction[edit]

People of your preferred sex (or not!) seem to be constantly attracted to you romantically or sexually. Because of this, you may end up in strange, potentially troublesome situations. In every place humanoids gather, you will be accosted at least once per week you remain there by an NPC looking to become your lover. This interest can be purely physical or romantic. The NPC can already be engaged/married or not. They might be honest with you or not. Enjoy the best curse in the world !

d10 Lover's Alignment
1 Lawful good
2 Neutral good
3 Chaotic good
4 Lawful neutral
5 Neutral
6 Chaotic neutral
7 Lawful evil
8 Neutral evil
9 Chaotic evil
10 You choose or roll again

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

d8 Personality Trait
1 Things come easy to me, so isn't it natural if I'm a bit laid back?
2 It's all a game, right?
3 I have a strange quirk that people remember me by.
4 I always try to find the most peaceful resolution to disputes.
5 It doesn't matter who it is, I'm getting in their pants !
6 I find people fascinating and always try to know as much as possible of any person I meet.
7 I have a commemorative trinket from every lover I've had.
8 Life is ephemeral, I mean to live it to the fullest.
d6 Ideal
1 Family. One day, I'll find the one and settle down. (Lawful)
2 Love. I'm searching for true love but can't seem to find it. (Good)
3 Domination. My lovers are mine and always will be. (Evil)
4 Joy. Giving joy to others is my reason for living. (Good)
5 Selfish. Ha ! More for me, less for you ! (Neutral)
6 Freedom. I can't help it, I just don't want to be tied down. (Chaotic)
d6 Bond
1 Some of my lovers really love me and want to be with me forever, I have mixed feelings about this.
2 I'm indebted to a person, I hope to repay them one day.
3 Someone murdered one of my lovers to get to me and I'll never forgive them.
4 An angry husband murdered his wife after discovering me in her bed, I'll never forget this trauma or forgive myself.
5 Every lover gives me something very precious, I feel I owe them something.
6 I'm actually really, deeply in love with one of my lovers.
d6 Flaw
1 I'm more than lazy.
2 I don't care about hurting people's feelings.
3 I'm strangely possessive of my new lovers.
4 I'm actually a stalker.
5 I don't feel guilt, I don't feel much of anything actually.
6 I'm addicted to a substance or a behaviour or a person.

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