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Academia Lore
(algebra, anatomy, astronomy, calculus, chymistry, famous alchemists/inventors/researchers/scholars, forensics, geometry, important academic discoveries, medicine, notorious colleges, philosophy, physics, physiology, psychology, teaching methods, the fundamental laws of reality)

Accounting Lore
(appraisal (value of asset items), audit process, currency exchanges, economics, financial bookkeeping, mathematics (basic), taxes)

Architecture Lore
(famous architects, famous structures, identifying structures, locating weak points in structures, noticing hidden features worked into artificial architectural structures)

Art Lore
(aesthetics, art and performance techniques, entertainment content creation genres and methods, famous artists/actors/composers/poets/writers, famous artworks/plays/compositions/poems/books, grooming/styling, theatres)

Culinary Lore

  • Alcohol Lore
  • Baking Lore
  • Brewing Lore
  • Butchering Lore
  • Confectionery Lore
  • Cooking Lore
  • Distilling Lore
  • Vintner Lore

(famous culinary creations, culinary equipment use, culinary knowledge (correct temperature, measurements, and time required for each culinary creation), culinary methods/techniques, recipes, spices identification and flavour)

Engineering Lore
(blue print deciphering, famous engineers/inventors, mechanical tinkering)

Farming Lore
(crop growing requirements(regional flora), farming techniques (tilling, aeration, fertilising, spacing, weeding) livestock care(regional domesticated fauna))

Fishing Lore
(aquatic parasite identification, cleaning fish steps, fishing methods (pole, spear, net, etc), fishing techniques for specific fish (bait, location, time of day, tools required, weather))

Fortune-Telling Lore
(aeromancy, anthroponomastics, astromancy, augury, auramancy, autohypnosis, cartomancy, ceromancy, chiromancy, chronomancy, cleromancy, crystallomancy, dowsing, geomancy, haruspicy, hematomancy, horary astrology, lithomancy, molybdomancy, naeviology, nephomancy, numerology, oneiromancy, osteomancy, pendulum, precognition and retrocognition, pyromancy, remote viewing, rhabdomancy, runecasting, scrying, spirit contact (ritual, planchette or talking board), tasseography, taromancy, thaumaturgy, zodiac)

Games Lore
(contests, famous athletes, gambling, olympics, rules and techniques for card games/board games/yard games, tournaments)

Genealogy Lore
(aristocracy/nobility/royalty lineages, family regalia (crests, flags, symbols, wax seals.), family trees, heraldry, livery identification, mottoes, notable familial members)

Guild Lore
(affiliation names and dogma, expectations of members, guild regalia (uniforms, flags, symbols, etc), noteworthy leaders, requirements for membership)

Herbalism Lore
(apothecary, aromacology, flora care/identification/location, flora harvesting methods/techniques/tools, flower language, herbal tea, medicinal flora/pharmaceuticals, poisonous flora, utility flora (spices, essential oils, adhesive, dye, repellent, etc))

Hunting Lore
(cleaning game, game traps, hunting methods (arrow, bolt, snare, trap, etc), hunting techniques (bait, camouflage, pheromones, tracking, etc), snares)

Labour Lore
(labour laws, occupational expectations, worker rights, workplace safety, unions)

Legal Lore
(crime punishments, debate techniques, hierarchy and roles of government, law-making process, legal institutions, legal loopholes, local laws and ordinances)

Mercantile Lore
(bargaining/negotiating, business practices, retailer professionalism, selling techniques, shopkeeping, trade routes)

Midwifery Lore
(accoucheur duties, basic medicine, bedside manner expectations, care-giving, delivery methods, delivery device identification and uses, nanny techniques, sanitation, wet nursing)

Milling Lore
(grain grinding, water, wood cutting and wind mill identification, purpose, operation and techniques)

Mining Lore
(demolitions, mining gear use, mining hazards, mining labour laws and regulations, mining techniques, mineshaft navigation, ore and minerals identification, prospecting)

Quantum Lore
(astrochronology, cosmic/planetary biology, chronomancy, crypto-chronometry (exceptional temporal phenomenon), dimensional excavation, extradimensionality, gravitational restraint and regulation, metaphysics, meteorologic calculation, multiverse, planar essence harnessing/infusion/tapping, planar physics, quantum entanglement, quantum field theory, resonance momentum intuition, void introspection and application, wavelength and subatomic particle duality)

Scouting Lore
(evaluation of potential outcomes, scouting strategies and tactics, surveying, terrestrial navigation, tracking intelligent creatures, travel secrets (avoiding natural hazards, optimal gear packing, preserving footwear, reducing fatigue/exhaustion, shortcuts)

Sailing Lore
(identifying types of nautical vessels and their purpose of use, nautical wayfinding, rigging, sailing hazards, sailing techniques, ship crew hierarchy)

Scribing Lore
(bureaucracy document requirements (stamps, hole punches, signatures, seals, bevels and watermarks), creating/identifying forgeries, document preservation care and restoration techniques, proper grammar, proper punctuation, solving ciphers, spelling, translating written words, writing etiquette (for addressing superiors and royalty))

Tanning Lore
(skinning creatures, tanning chemical identification/purpose/uses, tanning techniques, treating fur/hide/skin, maintaining/mending/restoring fur/hide/leather)

Underworld Lore
(black market locations, criminal organisations names and regalia, fence names and locations (people who buy stolen items), illegal drug recipes, infamous criminals and crime leaders, ‘safe from enforcers’ crime outposts, thief cache locations, thief symbology language)

Wagon Lore
(cartwright skills, identifying vehicle purpose, modifying vehicles with kits, operating vehicles, repairing vehicles, vehicular assembly, vehicular carpentry and mechanics)

Warfare Lore
(battle plans, commander techniques, identification of military regalia and uniforms, military rank hierarchy, military training strategies, torture implements identification and use, torture methods, training regimens, war tactics)

Note: For maximum usefulness of lores during game play, this version circus lore and theatre lore have been combined with art lore, gambling lore and gladiatorial lore have been combined with gaming lore, heraldry lore has been combined with genealogy lore, library lore has been combined with scribing lore, and stabling lore has been combined with farming lore.
Culinary lore has been added to encompass food or drink lore, although players still must choose one sub category per usual.
Quantum Lore has been added for similar information that does not fit neatly into other Lore categories.

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