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Loki's Scepter: This +3 keen alchemical silver/+2 humanbane quarterstaff also allows use of the following spells as supernatural abilities:

Magic missile At Will

Dominate person At Will

Dimension door At Will

Suggestion At Will

Mass suggestion At Will

Contact other plane At Will

This scepter was created over a thousand years ago by an ancient extraplanetary race for reasons unknown. It was created through the use of the Tesseract's energies, imbuing it with a small share of its power. The scepter recently resurfaced briefly, when it was used by the god Loki to wreak havoc in a nearly successful attempt to take control of the entire planet. It has been transported to an unexplored Outer Plane which has been coined "Asgard".
Strong enchantment and evocation; CL 18; Weight: 10

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