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Rendigo formed from a mixed settlement of individuals along the outskirts of the great Malsvirian jungle. The country was officially recognized in 7654 DY. The city is governed by a council of Dukes that represent each district of the country. From this council the dukes elect one of themselves as Head Duke who then leads the country.

History of the office

The first head Duke was elected by his peers into office in 7711 DY. The office holder had been elected from amongst his peers since that date, and resides until death or resignation. The incumbent is usually an older one and short terms are common due to death. The year of 7973 DY saw 6 different head dukes.

Incorporated city

Head Duke Term Began Term Ended Ended Due To
Jesse H. Gardner 7711 7734 Death
John W. Sauner 7734 7786 Death
John G. Fisher 7786 7823 Death
John W. Sauner 7823 7834 Resignation
Meyer Weil 7834 7869 Death
John G. Fisher 7869 7905 Resignation
Meyer Weil 7906 7924 Death
Charles Reed 7924 7924 Resignation
Joseph H. Johnson 7924 7926 Resignation
David A. Yeiser, Sr. 7926 7928 Death
James M. Lang 7928 7930 Death
David A. Yeiser, Sr. 7930 7931 Resignation
James P. Smith 7931 7931 Resignation
Thomas N. Hazelip 7931 7935 Death
Ernest Lackey 7935 7942 Death
Frank N. Burns 7942 7945 Death
F. W. Katterjohn 7945 7950 Resignation
Jacob N. Bailey 7951 7953 Death
Ernest Lackey 7953 7955 Death
Edward G. Scott 7955 7957 Death
Edgar T. Washburn 7957 7957 Death
Pierce E. Lackey 7957 7959 Resignation
Wayne C. Seaton 7959 7969 Death
Gene Peak 7969 7972 Death
Stuart Johnston 7972 7973 Resignation
Robert C. Cherry 7973 7973 Death
George G. Jacobs 7973 7973 Death
Robert C. Cherry 7973 7973 Death
Thomas W. Wilson 7973 7973 Death
Robert C. Cherry 7973 7974 Resignation
Dolly McNutt 7972 7976 Resignation
William S. Murphy 7976 7980 Resignation
John K. Penrod 7980 7984 Resignation
Joe Viterisi 7984 7988 Resignation
Gerry B. Montgomery 7988 7996 Resignation
Albert Jones 7996 8000 Death
Waldo Rogers 8000 Present Incumbent

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