Legion Slayer's Greatsword (5e Equipment)

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The Legion Slayer's greatsword

Martial Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
The Legion Slayer's greatsword 1 platinum earns you the broken sword; a splinter of iron that gleams dully beneath your scrutiny. Upon its edge blood must be spilt, before its ancient form is regained. 1d10+1/4 str when incomplete, 7 times str score +1d20 +1/3 level. Half of this is dealt as continued damage over the target's next three turns. On crit: take another attack without spending an action. the blade is near weightless, maintaining only that required to give a sense of balance, and this only when wielded. Light.

A shattered blade forged long ago, the Legion Slayer's Greatsword is a mighty weapon indeed, but only when one has the patience to sate its ancient desires. The dark blade is perhaps twice your height, reaching out to strike any within remote proximity, and with its preternaturally keen edge, biting through armour without pause or effort.

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