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Legendary Aspects[edit]

Legendary aspects are great powers that are usually not given, but achieved by players. They are not supernatural blessings, or mystical powers, but concrete milestones marking the ultimate capacity for a certain ability score. As such, there are 6 legendary aspects. of

Give these benefits to only high level characters, when they perform a feat of great importance, specifically concerning the ability score in question. For example, consider giving a player the Aspect of Might when they manage to hold up a collapsing stronghold with only their bare hands, or the Aspect of Agility when they manage to save a whole group of people from an explosion as it erupts.

Although these rewards are a fruit of the players' labor only, they symbolize the players physically ascending beyond normal mortals.

Aspect of Might[edit]

You have become one of the physically strongest beings ever known. You gain the following benefits:

  • Your Strength score becomes 30.
  • For all purposes except physical size and reach, you are considered to be Gargantuan.
  • You can wield two-handed weapons in one hand as if they had the light property.
  • You can spend one or more hit dice when you make a strength-based weapon attack to deal extra damage equal to twice the hit dice results.c

Aspect of Agility[edit]

You have become one of the most versatile and fast beings ever known. You gain the following benefits:

  • Your Dexterity score becomes 30.
  • Your speed increases by 200 feet, and your individual travel pace increases threefold.
  • You have advantage on weapon attacks made with weapons that have the finesse or ammunition properties.
  • Your Dex modifier increases twofold for initiative checks.

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