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Lefty's Cloak[edit]

Lefty's Legendary Cloak is a cloak that is black, with red trim. It has a legend associated with it.

When one of Lefty's true
Wear His cloak a hue,
then dark magic fills the air
bringing with it, death every where.

Now not many people know what this means, but most believe it means that when one of his true followers don the cloak when there is a moon that is a different color out, it will give them Lefty's dark powers.

When worn under a Harvest Moon, the wearer gains the spell-like ability soul dominion at will.

When worn under a New Moon, the wearer summons marilith as summon monster I

On every Blue Moon, however, the wearer is abducted by marilith. He reappears in his bed come morning with HP Loss instead of the regular gain that would be associated with sleeping through the night. The wearer must make a Wisdom check DC 30 to realize that the cause of his abduction was the cloak.

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