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As elves are to humans, so are leShay to the elves (but more so): a race immortal, enigmatic, and exceptionally powerful. LeShay look like tall, thin, albino elves, except that they lack the oversized ears of true elves (leShay ears look more like half-elf ears) and, while they have the glossy dead-white hair of true albinos, their eyes are pits of darkness. Some affect a particular color or style, while others change their outfits from moment to moment. All are deeply concerned with etiquette, deco- rum, and receiving the respect they feel due; failure to meet their standards of politeness, or simply crossing one of their whims, can often be fatal. LeShay never die from age or disease; they perish only if killed. LeShay are the mere remnant of a once-great race whose origins are lost to history. They claim to predate the current multiverse and refer darkly to some catastrophe that not only wiped out most of their people but changed time so that their era never existed, even in the remotest past. Attempting to undo the catastrophe would apparently result in another disaster even more terrible, so the deci- mated survivors—less than gods but more than mortals— for the most part merely attempt to amuse them selves and stave off ennui as they work out their individual destinies. LeShay have great facility at languages (as per the Polyglot epic feat) and can speak any language within seconds of hearing it spoken for the first time, right down to the most courtly or impressive accent thereof.

Bloodline Traits
Trait Gained
Minor Intermediate Major
1st Initiative +2
2nd Initiative +2 Combat Expertise
3rd Intelligence +1
4th Initiative +2 Combat Expertise Movement +10'
5th Fey Affinity +2
6th Intelligence +1 DR 2/Cold Iron
7th Perception +2
8th Combat Expertise Movement +10' Improved Initiative
9th Dexterity +1
10th Fey Affinity +2 Superior Two-Weapon Fighting
11th Fey Affinity +4
12th Intelligence +1 DR 2/Cold Iron DR 5/Cold Iron
13th Diplomacy +2
14th Perception +2 Immune to Poison and Disease
15th Charisma +1
16th Movement +10' Improved Initiative Blind Fight
17th Fey Affinity +6
18th Dexterity +1 DR 10/Cold Iron
19th Stealth +2
20th Fey Affinity +2 Superior Two-Weapon Fighting Fast Healing: 5

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