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Law Mage[edit]

This is a subclass for Wizards in Fifth Edition.

On the plane of Ravnica, Law Mages use the power of the Guildpact to literally enforce the law with the power of the law. Your powers don't necessarily come from the Guildpact, but your study of law allows you to weave spells to bind foes, deflect attacks, and fizzle spells.

Rules Savant

At 2nd level, your understanding of the law grants you proficiency with Persuasion.

Shield of the Law

At 2nd level, you can use the power of the law to cast Shield as a cantrip instead of as a 1st level spell. (You must know Shield in order to use this feature)

Binding Words

At 6th level, your understanding of the law enhances your Hold Person spell. Foes have disadvantage on their saving throws against your Hold Person spell. Additionally, when you magically ensnare an enemy, they have disadvantage on their saving throws. (You must know Hold Person to use this feature)

Enhanced Binding Words

At 10th level, you have studied the law so extensively that it can even ensnare monsters. Foes now have disadvantage on Hold Monster saving throws and Dominate Person saving throws, and you have advantage on Counterspell ability checks. (You must know these spells to use this feature)

Supreme Word

At 14th level, you can use the power of the law to cast Force Cage without components, and if a creature trapped in your Force Cage attempts to escape via teleportation or plane shift, it automatically fails its saving throw. Additionally, when you cast Antimagic Field, you can choose targets to not be affected by it. (You must know Force Cage and Antimagic Field to use this feature)

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