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Martial Two-Handed
Critical: 18-20/x2
Range Increment: 120 ft
Type: ½ Bludgeoning and ½ fire
Hardness: 7
Size Cost1 Damage Weight1 hp
Fine 50 gp 1 * 1
Diminutive 100 gp 1d2 * 1
Tiny 200 gp 1d4 ½ lb 3
Small 400 gp 1d6 1 lb 7
Medium 400 gp 1d10 2 lb 15
Large 800 gp 2d6 4 lb 30
Huge 1600 gp 2d8 8 lb 60
Gargantuan 3200 gp 2d10 16 lb 120
Colossal 6400 gp 2d12 32 lb 240
  1. The SRD only gives a means to determine costs and weights of weapons for Large and Small versions based on the Medium weapons. Any other supplied values are the author's best determination.

This pressed steel rifle fires a tight beam of energy which both converse force and heat on impact. Half the damage dealt is fire and the other is normal damage so any resistance or DR apply only for the respective amount of damage. I roll 1d8 and roll a 6. 3 of it is fire and the other is bludgeoning.

The ammunition is a large battery that fit like normal magazine clips into the rifle. Each magazine only fit a lasgun of the same size and contains enough energy for 16 shots on medium setting (se below for other settings). The weight shown above is without a magazine. The magazines weigh the same as the rifle no matter if they are empty or fully charged. Each magazine costs a 10th of the lasguns price in similar size (a medium magazine costs 75 gp each).

The lasgun can be made as a masterwork and follow the normal rules, but can only be enchanted with the following enchantments. (Search dandwiki for them or google for dnd3.5Index-MagiItems)

Dispelling, greater dispelling, bane, blessed, distanced, enfeebling, flaming, magebane, nervewrack, seeking, shock, sure striking, thundering, anarchic, axiomatic, desiccation, burning, deadly precision, exit wound, flaming burst, heavenly burst, holy, shocking burst, skilful, unholy, clouting, desiccating burst, knockback end true bane.

Settings The lasgun can be fired on 3 settings, high, medium and low. High setting consumes 3 shots, but makes the lasgun deal damage as if it was one size larger. (Medium 1d10 would become 2d6). Medium setting consumes the normal number of shots as indicated by the table above and deal the indicated damage. Low setting only consumes half as many shots (to a minimum of 1) as medium setting, but deal nonlethal damage.

Magazine The batteries are rechargeable but it takes energy to recharge them. If you find a magazine as loot it has lost 1d10 shots and can not be recharged beyond that. There are 4 ways to do this.

The first way is to swing the magazine in any direction continually. This recharges 1 shot every 12 hours of motion. Carrying the magazine in your inventory (bags, pockets and so on.) will count as having it in motion if you travel or keep moving for extended periods. But be warned! Bag of holding or any other dimensional inventory dose not count as keeping the magazine in motion! (Unless the GM says it dose).

The second way is to use a charging station. This will fully recharge the magazine in 30 minutes and will not damage the magazine in anyway. There exist portable charging stations but they can only recharge one size of magazines and need an energy source like a campfire or an arcane crystal (any fire, shock or arcane damage source will work). The portable charging station has a 15 ft long cable that has DR 8/adamant and must be placed through the energy source for the charging to begin. Such devices cost 1000 gp for a fine charger and the price doubles ever size from there. (Which would make it 5000 gp for a medium charger)

A third way is to deal energy damage (fire or shock) directly to the battery, but for every 10 points of damage dealt this way the max amount of shots is lowered by 1. Ex you deal 4 points of fire damage and charge 4 shots. Then you deal 8 points of shock damage and recharge another 8 but the maximum is lowered by 1 point because you have dealt over 10 points of damage to the magazine. The energy damage can come from any source (spells, environment, enchanted weapons and so on). The most used method is throwing it on the camp fire for a few seconds (a round or two should do it)) which recharges the magazine 1d6 pr round number of shots, and deal the same in damage to the battery (remember that each 10 damage lowers the total amount of points by 1)

Fourthly you can get an arcane spell caster to expend a daily spell to recharge a number of points equal to twice the level of the spell. A 9th level spell would recharge 18 shots. This doesn't require a feat or check like recharging a staff or wand, but it will take a full-round action to do, and count as casting the spell (Attack of opportunity and so on).

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