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A listing of all the unique languages used in the Sanctuary's Lot Setting

  • Sepentroi The predominant language in the Ezers Rhaime, the area this campaign begins in.
  • Vetere A somewhat archaic language spoken in the New Kingdoms era. At least a few people in most neighboring regions will know it (or be able familiar enough with it to speak a few phrases).
  • Fortuous An ancient language of the First and Second Kingdoms. Well known to scholars throughout the known world
  • Yg-Mothatt Ancient language spoken by the Stranger's servants and those who worship Dark Powers.
  • Boelleth The language of the old shoremen spoken by the lakemen and in many regions those people can be found.
  • Tacitae A language with no spoken form. Rather, it is a form a stylized hand-signing, with an associated written annotation that evolved into its own writing system.
  • Iisig Language of the giant empire. A rare language.
  • Volusytch The secret language of sorcerers.

Nearby regional languages: Litu, Almian, Roich, Eleija

distant regional languages: Gor Amestu, Yiway, Zu Dain, Auvier

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