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Here you will find a list of existing language within the DND world. also what races would commonly be found speaking or writing these language.


() = sub languages

[] = script used for languages

- = races common to speak language

{} book the langues came from

PHB = Player's Handbook

MM = Monsters Manual

MToF = Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes

SCAG = Swords Coast Adventurer's Guide

VGtM = Volo's Guide to Monsters

GGtR = Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica

WGtE = Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron

DMG = Dungeon Master's Guide


This is a list of common language you will find world wide. You can usually learn these ones easily threw interactions with others or commonly in library

⦁ common [runic]{PHB} - Humans, halflings, half-elves, half-orcs

⦁ dwarvish [davek]{PHB} - Dwarves

⦁ elvish [rellanic]{PHB} - Elves

⦁ giant [davek]{PHB} - Ogres, giants

⦁ gnomish [davek]{PHB} ] - Gnomes

⦁ goblin [davek]{PHB} - Goblinoids, hobgoblins, bugbears

⦁ halfling [runic]{PHB} ] - Halflings

⦁ Orc [davek]{PHB} - Orcs

⦁ draconic (tymantheran, yipyak)[iokharic]{PHB} - Kobolds, troglodytes, lizardfolk, dragons, dragonborn,Troglodytes, Wyverns

⦁ infernal [barazhad]{PHB} - Devils, Tieflings


This is a list of uncommon language you will find in this world. each language begins race specific, some people may learn these threw interactions with others or from study in the archives.

⦁ adyssal [barazhad]{PHB} - Demons, chaotic evil outsiders

⦁ Grung{VGtM} - grung

⦁ celestial [heavenly script]{PHB} - angels, devas

⦁ riedran{WGtE} - Sarlona lower class

⦁ quori {WGtE} - Inspired, Kalashtar, Quori

⦁ deep speech{PHB} - Mind flayers, beholders

⦁ arakocra[rellanic]{MM} - Aarakocra

⦁ Sylvan [rellanic]{PHB} - Fey creatures (dryads, brownies, leprechauns)

⦁ undercommon [rellanic]{PHB} - Drow, Underdark traders

⦁ gith{MToF} - githyanki, githzerai

⦁ primodial (aquan, auran, ignan, terran)[rellanic, iokharic, davek]{PHB} - creatures based on certain elemental may speak these language

Class Specific

This is a list of class specific Languages. they are much harder to find or learn. requiring a teacher of this class to learn how to properly communicate in these languages.

⦁ druidic{PHB} -can only be learned from a druid or threw class

⦁ thieves' cant{PHB} -can only be learned from another thief or threw class

Dead Language

You will never hear these Languages in present day but if your lucky, you might find it scribbled upon the walls of tomes and dungeons.

⦁ krual{GGtR}

⦁ minotaur{GGtR}

⦁ vedalken{GGtR}

⦁ Dambrathan{SCAG}

⦁ Bedine{SCAG}

⦁ Alzhedo{SCAG}

⦁ Chondathan{SCAG}

⦁ Damaran{SCAG}

⦁ Waelan{SCAG}

⦁ Guran{SCAG}

⦁ Halruaan{SCAG}

⦁ Illuskan{SCAG}

⦁ Roushoum{SCAG}

⦁ Chessentan{SCAG}

⦁ Mulhorandi{SCAG}

⦁ Untheric{SCAG}

⦁ Thayan{SCAG}

⦁ Rashemi{SCAG}

⦁ Shaaran{SCAG}

⦁ Shou{SCAG}

⦁ Tuigan{SCAG}

⦁ Turmic{SCAG}

⦁ Uluik{SCAG}

⦁ Gnoll{MM} - Gnolls


These are the language of the many monsters that inhabit these worlds. It isn't impossible to learn them but it takes finding a willing teacher and the patience to learn one.

⦁ sphinx{MM}

⦁ merfolk{GGtR}

⦁ loxondom {GGtR}

⦁ Blink Dog {MM}

⦁ Bullywug {MM}

⦁ Giant Eagle {MM}

⦁ Giant Elk {MM}

⦁ Giant Owl {MM}

⦁ Gnoll {MM}

⦁ Grell {MM}

⦁ Hook Horror {MM}

⦁ Kruthik {MToF}

⦁ Modron {MM}

⦁ Otyugh {MM}

⦁ Sahuagin {MM}

⦁ Slaad {MM}

⦁ Sphinx {MM}

⦁ Thri-kreen {MM}

⦁ Tlincalli {VGtM}

⦁ Troglodyte {MM}

⦁ Umber Hulk {MM}

⦁ Vegepygmy {VGtM}

⦁ Winter Wolf {MM}

⦁ Worg {MM}

⦁ Yeti {MM}

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