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Landmine Chain[edit]

CR 5+; mechanical; Touch Trigger ; manual reset; Atk (2d6 fire, four Bombs); Search DC 20; Disable Device DC 20. Reflex DC 15 half damage. Market Price: 840 gp per mine.

A Landmine Chain is one of the scariest, if not the scariest, traps an adventurer can encounter. A Landmine Chain is a series of four-bomb mines, linked by a fuse running along in narrow, concealed rills.

A landmine chain is set off in a unique fashion; there is a small piece of kindling coated in sleeping fire (see Oriental Adventures) placed next to a weapon, hidden by dry flammable materials. When the weapon is removed, the kindling falls into a pit of charcoals underneath the weapon, igniting the sleeping fire. This causes a chain reaction, where the coals heat up and not only light the four bombs at the initial site, but also directs two or more fuses outwards, heading straight for other Landmines.

A full Landmine Chain takes roughly a round per Mine to detonate completely.

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