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Land of Nonsense[edit]

A Plane of the Equinox Mountain Kingdoms (DnD Campaign Setting) setting, the region consists of many bizarre creatures, and is the place where Jabberwocks are said to originate. Although Alice the Prim journeyed to this bizarre land and lived, few others have managed such a feat. Although many creatures-especially in the Seuss Zone-are friendly, reality and the laws of physics become highly unstable, and travelers often cease to exist altogether. The only ones who can go and return with their sanity intanct are those who are already incapable of logical thought, or those so logical they can discern the logic that the Land of Nonsense runs on, and thus predict its sudden shifts.


Created by dreaded Paradox Mage Alexis Liepzig (a.k.a. the Duke of Pearl), the Land has been suspected to have some link to the artifacts created by Namfoodle, due to their ridiculous and insane nature.

Plane Traits[edit]

Physical Traits[edit]

  • Gravity: Normal, except for some regions
  • Time: messy.
  • Size: Who knows? Most adventurers die or go mad after a week of adventuring there.
  • Morphic: Highly

Magic, Alignment, and Energy/Elemental Traits[edit]

  • Elemental Dominance: none
  • Energy Dominance: none
  • Alignment Trait: Strongly chaotic
  • Magic Trait: Wild Magic. In addition to its Wild Magic trait, the plane assigns random spell-like abilities to random locations and creatures once every hour. Every hour, there is a 10% chance you will gain a spell-life ability. Sometimes this magical endowment is permanent, creating awakened enlarged animated chess pieces, or forests where each inhabitant is subjected to a programmed amnesia spell.

Plane Links[edit]

The land of nonsense is bound to the plane of Equinox. Mortals to it exist as mirrors, which are nearly impenetrable unless the specific enchantment of the mirror is defeated.

All mirrors leading in and out of the Land of Nonsense create duplicates within the mirror of exactly what happens to be before them. Anything trying to enter the mirror will reach its counterpart, collide, and both counterpart and original will be prevented form entering the other's plane. Thus, travel from Equinox is difficult. Returning to Equinox usually happens during moments where a temporary weakness in the fabric of reality, causing the Land of Nonsense to temporarily cease to exist. All extraplanar creatures are sent back to their home plane on the impression that they have woken from a dream.

Plane Inhabitants[edit]

Fey, Twisted Creatures, Awakened Animated Objects, Awakened animals, Jabberwocks, Bandersnatches, Jubjub birds, Mome Raths, Borogoves, and Slithy Toves.

Movement and Combat[edit]

On checkered landscape, PCs can only move like Chess pieces, and thus only certain methods of movement are allowed. All characters act like pawns unless otherwise specified. If they encounter a native monster of 15 or more HD, they may be promoted to the rank of knight or bishop, and may become queens in the end. Sometimes, chessboard "squares" are not the 5 foot combat squares, but are simply large plots of land, in which case only overland movement is affected. (a chess turn can be a day, hour, or minute)

Some areas require characters to run extremely fast to avoid being swept away. If a creature winds up on one of these plots of land, only chess pieces higher than pawns are immune to their effect. Otherwise, the character must run for 5 minutes at a speed of at least 60 feet or fall off the plane (they are teleported randomly to a Lower Plane).

Features of the Plane[edit]

-Seuss Zone

A Land of Fey in which buildings look like haphazardly drawn cartoons.

-Escher Zone

A Land where you might just find yourself walking up a staircase, and somehow ending up right where you started.

Plane Links[edit]

Any bizarre inhabitants of this plane have an inherent connection to this plane. Creatures experience this plane through the Equinox's mirrors, and creatures who live on this plane will many times allow others to experience the Land of Nonsense through basic senses, and then draw them into the planes spheres of influence. Other times creatures who live in this plane will interact with other creatures in other planes and if something unexpected ends up happening, like the Jabberwock is killed by player characters, then a rift will be torn and the players may be drawn into the plane. If a player becomes a chess piece on their arrival to the Land of Nonsense then they are expected to act in the methods that the piece can act in, and experience the plane in the bizarre manner that their situation offers them.

Plane Encounters[edit]

The bizarre nature of the plane offers any sort of encounters for the player characters.

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