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Lance (Variant)[edit]

Martial Melee Weaponss[edit]
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Lance (Variant) 20 gp 1d12 Piercing/1d8 Bludgeoning 4 lbs Special, Heavy, Versatile (2d6)

This is a lance variant, special-made for adventurers. It does not inflict disadvantage when attacking a creature within 5 feet of you, and can be wielded in one hand. Special When attacking with this weapon, you can choose to attack regularly, or to try to knock your opponent over. If you try to knock them over, they must make a dexterity saving throw, DC 10+ your Dex modifier. On a failed saving throw, the opponent is knocked prone, and takes 1d8 Bludgeoning damage. (You do not get an attack of opportunity, but any other characters within 5 feet of the prone figure do.) On a success, they take no damage and are not knocked prone.

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