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Laguz, Dragon[edit]


Due to their nature, Laguz are naturally suspicious of those around them; no one in any society accepts them once they find out the true nature of these individuals. Due to the prevalence of other hostile shape shifting creatures, humans are uneasy around them even if they are obviously good. Dragons are offended by their very existence and seek to wipe them out wherever they spring up.

Physical Description[edit]

A Laguz can take on 1 of 2 forms at any given time. The Humanoid form and Creature form.

The Humanoid form is just that, the normal appearance and abilities of any Humanoid race. Outwardly there is no difference from the humanoid creature or giant than any other individual of that society.

The dragon form resembles that of a normal dragon though they tend to be noticeably smaller than their true dragon cousins; Laguz also have issues fitting in with other dragons due to differences in social customs and behaviors. In the event that a Laguz was forced to pass as a dragon for a period of time it would be likely that observation would reveal the true nature of the creature in a short span of time (gather knowledge DC 20 every 2 weeks.)


Relations for Laguz are often strained for a number of reasons. The first and foremost is almost every Dragon Laguz that is encountered will be female - the race practices patricide which is the killing of all male individuals. Second dragons will kill them on sight and even if they get solid rumors will occasionally hunt for these individuals to remove them from the world. Finally whenever the individual resorts to a form that is not common the community he is in for regular people will shun him under the belief that he is dangerous.


Laguz are capable of sustaining any alignment.


The safest places for the Laguz are those that are mostly uninhabitable or desolate. This is due to the natural reaction to seeing a Laguz change from one form to another. Because the nature of most creatures who change shape is considered dangerous or often intimidating to humans, they tend to prefer areas where it's difficult for them to inhabit. Additionally, they tend to reside far away from large mountainous regions or incredibly desolate climates due to being chastised by most true dragons.


Automatic Languages: Common and Draconic. Bonus Languages: Any

Racial Traits[edit]

  • Stat Adjustment: +4 Strength +2 Constitution +2 Intelligence
  • Race: Laguz, ShapeChanger, Humanoid, Draconic
  • Size: Medium
  • A Laguz base land speed in human form is 30 ft as per a normal humanoid. However, when in dragon form it has a movement speed of 60 ft and a flight speed of 120 ft. (good), swim speed is 60 ft.
  • Low-light vision in any form.
  • Scent in any form.
  • Darkvision of 60ft
  • Alternate Form (Ex): As a full round action the Laguz may change forms in combat.
  • Water Breathing (Ex): A Dragon Laguz can breathe underwater while in dragon form indefinitely and can freely use its breath weapon, spells, and other abilities while submerged (the cone of fire becomes a cone of superheated steam underwater).
  • Breath Weapon (Su): While in dragon form, a dragon Laguz has a breath weapon that is a cone of fire (2d10 DC 16).
  • Natural Armor: +2 natural armor. The dragon Laguz share the thick and tough trait to their skin in both forms.
  • Automatic Languages: Common and Draconic. Bonus Languages: Any.
  • Favored Class: Sorcerer or Swashbuckler.
  • Level Adjustment: +1

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: Dragon Laguz Random Starting Ages
Age Category Age Range Simple Moderate Complex
Wyrmling 0-15 years 1+d3 1+d4 1+d6
Very Young 15-50 years +2d4 +2d6 +2d8
Young 50-150 years +4d4 +4d6 +5d8
Juevenile 150-350 years +8d6 +9d6 +10d8
Adult 350-600 years +13d6 +14d6 +16d8
Table: Dragon Laguz Random Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male 5 ' 9 " + 1d20 340 lb. + ( 3d20 ) lb.
Female 5 ' 6 " + 1d20+1 300 lb. + ( 1d20+1d12 ) lb.

Note: Dragon's Heights are based on Length. Laying down from tail to head is their standard height-measurement for a dragon in this one's chosen natural Medium form.

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