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Lady Luck[edit]

Although ultimately embodied by any object with an element of fortune involved, she is most often symbolised through the purest form of luck, a coin

Unaligned (True Neutral)
Domains: Luck
Warpriest Domain: Earth

Other Names: Lady Fortune, Luck

Chosen Weapon: Any weapon with an element of chance, also thrown weapons, in particular, playing or tarot cards

Although given the appellation 'Lady Luck', Luck is neither male nor female and generally favours no man, woman or child. Luck simply takes pleasure in instances of fortune or chance, and only very rarely does she Herself intervene at Her own behest, for the most part, Luck watches over the material plane, delighting in the rise and fall of empires, and granting few boons. On the few occasions Luck decides to influence an event, it is usually for Her own inscrutable purposes and never with any identifiable pattern. More often than not, when fortune smiles upon an individual it is because of the individual's guile, intelligence and a confidence in their own lucky nature, these individuals goad luck into influencing their actions rather than hoping Luck will simply intervene, and as a consequence, Luck seems to smile on them more than usual.

Followers of Lady Luck are generally lonesome characters, people who enjoy playing the odds. Characters who garner any attention from Luck are usually individuals who acknowledge Her, characters who make decisions based on the flip of a coin and particularly those who accept that at the end of the day, everything falls down to Luck, this acceptance of Her dominance and that everyone can lose everything on a moment of chance is usually what gains Her favour. Those who truly follow Lady Luck are neither good nor evil, they simply wander the world, searching for the best in the life Luck has dealt them and acknowledging Her existence through the tip of a hat, and the raising of a glass.

  • The only commandment that is recognised by Her followers is that everyone who follows Her must always keep a deck of cards, a coin and a die on their person, even if they are never used, as homage to Her.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Despite having numerous followers, Luck has no real clergy, nor indeed any temples, Her followers acknowledge Her through their actions rather than praise, after all, the only praise she needs, is the action of taking a chance.

The only temples to luck are casinos and bars which gamblers and Her followers frequent, although shrines to luck do exist. These shrines are found fairly often at way-stations on long roads or beside the entrances of other temples, an acknowledgement of Her omni-presence; these shrines are simple affairs, always simple stone altars, sometimes painted half and half in both black and white, and usually with a small wooden case atop the altar, containing a simple bronze coin.

Prayers and Rites[edit]

As previously stated, no real clergy worships Lady Luck, however, those who do revere Her often repeat the phrase "Luck conquers all." whenever they hope for a boon from Her during a particularly risky venture. As far as actual prayers and incantations go, the only one of note, that is sometimes inscribed on Her shrines is "Some men rise, and some men fall, some will win, then lose it all, some will live, and with lovers join, all is decided, on the toss of a coin.".

While no real rites exist, Lady Luck enjoys for Her followers to gamble and take risks, to truly embrace the element of chance, should they reflect this in their choice of habits, pastimes and weapons, Lady Luck becomes far more compliant with their requests. Coin and card play are also widely recognised as habits that gain the attention of Lady Luck, even if the individual does not gamble.


Lady Luck neither encourages, nor discourages any quests, but rather takes the view that life itself is the adventure, because everyone takes risks in life. Although, she does particularly enjoy for Her followers to take it upon themselves to be good gamblers and to remain mobile and never truly settle down, stasis is highly discouraged as a sign of a simple and uncomplicated (and thus not risky) lifestyle.

Heralds and Allies[edit]

Lady Luck's only heralds are those who adhere to Her code and take an active part in the adventure of life, after all, those who follow Her always subtly spread message of Her supremacy through their habits, and usually, their uncanny good fortune. As far as allies go, neither Her, nor Her followers have any real allies, but nor do they have any real enemies, the only true enemy of Luck is death, because death, unlike other aspects of life is inevitable, and while its method and timing hold that ever-important element of chance, the very fact of death is, in of itself, inevitable.

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