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"La Guitarra~"[edit]

A long and dark acoustic guitar made of burnished Mahogany, Darkwood, and lined in fanciful silver filigree of a long-ago-gone Southern nation, La Guitarra carries with it the soul of its original owner long passed from the annals of time.

Nonlegacy Game Statistics: Masterwork Guitar; Cost 10,950 gp; Perform checks made with this Guitar gain a +4 Divine bonus and a +6 to Concentration checks made to avoid interrupted performances, and an additional Divine bonus based off your HD. Wielders also gain +2 AC with the Guitar wielded.

Omen: Upon first witnessing this guitar, from the far distance there will be a dashing strum of a spanish guitar. Upon picking it up and claiming it, you will hear yet another, much louder now, with added fanfare!


Few know of the history behind La Guitarra, save for the dashing masked rogue who may sometimes appear with those wielding it. Lost within a desert city to the south after a performance, La Guitarra has become the signature item of the long-lost land of Majeco. Lost for countless millennia, none may know its original owners name, but legend speaks of those whom he walked with, who still carry his name on their tongues to this day.

La Guitarra~

Table: La Guitarra

HD Additional Perform Bonus Turn Evil DC GP Value Abilities & Gifts
5th +1 - +250 Disable Device becomes class-skill
6th - -1 +250 Language: Español
7th +2 - +250 No hoy, mis amigos!
8th - - +250 -
9th +3 -2 +250 -
10th - - +250 Abyssal
11th +4 - +250 -
12th - -3 +250 -
13th +5 - +250 -
14th - - +250 El coquetón
15th +6 -4 +250 Just Another Face
16th - - +250 -
17th +7 - +250 -
18th - -5 +250 -
19th +8 - +250 A Hat For The Ladies
20th - -6 +250 Estoy de vuelta en negro, mis amigos.

Legacy Rituals[edit]

These rituals are required to unlock all the abilities of La Guitarra

Canción de mi país.: Perform within the nearest major city or settlement to a crowd of atleast 50 people. Cost: 1,550gp. Feat Granted: Least Legacy (La Guitarra) (No hoy, mis amigos! and Abyssal become available)

Canción de mi gente.: Perform within a crowd of your own species, numbering atleast 25 people. Cost: 1,550gp. Feat Granted: Lesser Legacy (La Guitarra) (El coquetón and Just Another Face become available)

Canción de mi.: Perform while perched on a lonely cliff at sunset, all by yourself. Cost: 2,550gp. Feat Granted: Greater Legacy (La Guitarra) (Estoy de vuelta en negro, mis amigos. and A Hat For The Ladies become available)

La Guitarra Wielder Requirements[edit]

BAB +3; Any Non-Evil Alignment; Atleast 2 ranks into Perform (Guitar)

Legacy Item Abilities[edit]

All of the following are legacy item abilities of La Guitarra~

Abyssal. (Ex): A Shard of the original owner's Allurin soul has transfered into you. This ability is constant. You immediately learn the Abyssal language and may now take Abyssal Heritor feats.

No hoy, mis amigos! (Sp): Perform checks made with La Guitarra~ will act as Turn Evil. Your result of this check is your Perform Result * 0.75 rounded up. This can only be done once per day.

Just Another Face. (Ex): The Guitarist is granted a fine silver mask. Should they decide to don it, they will become unrecognizable to those around them for 10 minutes. This can only be done once per day. Those who see you put on or take off the mask become immune to this effect.

El coquetón (Sp): Perform checks made with La Guitarra~ will act as Charm Person for one individual once per day. Your result of this check is your Perform Result * 0.75 rounded up. This can only be done once per day.

A Hat For The Ladies. (Ex): The Guitarist is granted a rather dashing Sombrero, and may store up to 2,500lb of items within it, or pull out any one item worth no more than 50gp. This item disappears after 24 hours, and only three items may be pulled out per day in this manner. You may pull as many items out of the 2,500lb storage as you please. If the hat is destroyed, the items are aswell, except for any gold that may be stored within.

Estoy de vuelta en negro, mis amigos. (Su): Roll a DC10 + 1/2 HD Charisma check at the start of every performance to gain a ghostly companion dressed in leathers, a wide-brimmed hat and a mask. This companion will do nothing besides one thing: Play Guitar. He will roll the same Perform check as you, earning your perform score a +2 from Aid Another. Add both perform scores and divide by two and round down. This is now the result of your Perform check. After your song is over, the phantom will disappear with a suave strum of his "gee-tar."

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