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Brave and honorable humanoids with vulpine characteristics.

Racial Traits
Average Height: 5'4"-6'2"
Average Weight: 190-230 lbs.
Ability Scores: +2 Strength, +2 Constitution or Wisdom
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Low-light
Languages: Common, choice of two others
Skill Bonuses: +2 Endurance, +2 Diplomacy
Unnatural Vitality: When dropped to 0 hit points or fewer and is subjected to the dying condition, the player can choose to be dazed, instead of falling unconscious. They make death saving throws as normal, and if they fail one, they fall unconscious instead of being dazed.
Encumbered Speed: The race moves at its normal speed even when it would be reduced by armor or a heavy load. Other effects that limit speed (such as difficult terrain or magic) affect them normally.
Honor Bound Ally: You can use Aid Ally as a daily power.

Aid Ally Kumiho Racial Power
Seeing an ally in need you spring into action.
Free Action Personal
Trigger: An ally is attacked within 3 squares of you
Effect: Your speed increases by 1 and you gain a temporary +2 bonus to attack rolls when attacking a target that attacked an ally last turn.
Level 11: + 3 power bonus

The kumiho are a variety of fox creatures that originate from the eastern empire of Koryo on the continent Kara-Tur. They are closely related to the kitsune of the nearby nation of Wa. It is believed that kumiho are a special kind of hengeyokai who has lived for a thousand years and undergone a transformation, allowing them to appear in a more human form with nine luxurious tails, which symbolize their power.

Play a kumiho if you want...

  • To play a character that values honor, hard work, and friendship.
  • To play a race that are willing to go to great lengths to aid their allies.
  • To be a member of a race that favors the martial artist, Fighter, and slayer classes.

Physical Qualities[edit]

Kumiho essentially appear to be anthropomorphic foxes. What distinguishes them from others is their nine tails, which are the source of their accumulated power over the years. Their fur is typically a color of white as a sign of their transformation through age, as many creatures on Kara-Tur believe that with age comes great power for creatures like the hengeyokai. Kumiho are nearly ageless due to their metamorphosis and maintain a youthful, sleek and beautiful appearance. They are comparable to elves due to their longevity and grace, but their lithe body hides great strength, which differentiates them from the more magically-adept kitsune.

Attitudes and Beliefs[edit]

Kumiho are stalwart allies to those who have earned their trust. They are capable fighters who are methodical and unforgiving in battle. Sometimes this makes them seem two-faced, with one for battle and another for friends. Kumiho are very set in honor and keeping promises made. They will go to the ends of the earth and even beyond if it means keeping their word. They expect others to hold to this standard, and do not handle betrayal or lies well. It is said to be death for any who earn a kumiho's scorn.

Kumiho Communities[edit]

Outside of Koryo, kumiho are a sight to behold with their luxurious appearance. They hold themselves in a very dignified manner, which could sometimes be overbearing for those who know nothing about them. This is because their race has historically held esteemed positions within the Koryo court, and have long been a distinguished and old race since the days of Choson. They are a minority race even in Koryo though, and live among the Koryoan people.

Kumiho Adventurers[edit]

Kumiho like to expand their horizons as a way to better themselves. They don't like being cooped up and restricted, though this does not mean they are flighty. Some of them are filled with wanderlust. Others are in search of company sometimes, unable to fit in within their original communities. Kumiho, despite seemingly spoiled, are easily able to make a home outside of home when they are with friends.

Martial Artist: Not fervent followers of wu jen, kumiho take on the simple mastery of martial arts. They are very similar to monks in the use of their own body as a weapon.

Fighter: Kumiho fighters see no more honorable fighting with arms than with fists, and so take up weaponry. They are usually soldiers or descendants of families with military involvement.

Slayer: Slayer kumiho are rare. They usually are the ones who have made it to a high military rank. Despite the name, they are rarely indiscriminate killers.

Three sample kumiho adventurers are described below.

Seon is a kumiho fighter seeking to win his family's approval through feats of battle. After being trounced and losing the opportunity to gain a military promotion, he left his home in search of adventure which will win him the accolades he desires.

Chaewoon is a kumiho slayer who has grown a little weary of the battlefield after her tenure as a general among the Koryoans. She does not feel at ease even among her family despite having won their admiration for her achievements. Thus, she set out, hoping for some cathartic journey that may help her find her place in the world.

Jaekyung is a kumiho martial artist sent from his original monastery abroad to learn of the other ways to fight around the world. He will have to make a treacherous journey to reach the other monks on the other side of the world, and he will need allies to complete his goals.

Roleplaying a Kumiho[edit]

When creating a kumiho adventurer, here are a few points to consider.

Loyal. Kumiho are an honorable people who expect the same of others. They are loyal to these values as well as to any friends whom they pledge themselves to. It is outside their nature to break these vows, but they sometimes see it as a true sign of loyalty to correct even those they are loyal to.

Cunning. Being of the wily fox, the kumiho are not only strong, but reliant on their minds to outmaneuver enemies with insightful tactics.

Vicious. To enemies, the kumiho are truly fearsome with their skills in battle. Kumiho despise mercy for those who have wronged them or those they care for, and will pursue enemies to the ends of the earth.

Kumiho Characteristics: Vengeful, loyal, stalwart, righteous, wise

Kumiho Male Names: Mal-Chin, Kyong, Jaehoon, Sang, Myung-ho

Kumiho Female Names: Ae-cha, Mi-hee, Eunjo, Chun, Hyun-yeon

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