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CR 3

LN Diminutive Aberration
Init/Senses - (use body's initiative)/Listen +8, Spot +8
AC 14 (+4 size), touch 14, flat-footed 14
hp 12 (3d8 HD)
Fort/Ref/Will +2/-/+8
Speed - (no form of movement)
Melee - (use body's attacks)
Space/Reach 1 ft./0 ft.
Base Atk/Grp +1/-11
Abilities Str -, Dex -, Con 12, Int 26, Wis 20, Cha 16
SQ Literate
Feats None
Skills (56 pts) +10 Appraise (8 Int), +6 Concentration (- Con), +9 diplomacy (3 Cha), +9 intimidate (3 Cha), +11 listen (5 Wis), +11 spot (5 Wis), +14 search (8 Int), (8 Int), +14 knowledge (Geography) (8 Int), +14 knowledge (Bohrok) (8 Int), +6 Tumble (- Dex)
Possessions None
Assimilate Mind (Ps) Upon being worn as a mask, a Krana will immediately cast Command Construct (as the spell Command Undead, but works on constructs only; DC 10 + 1/2 HD + Int) on its wearer. While commanding a body, the krana uses its own mental statistics and skill ranks, but uses the body's assets otherwise. The effects of the ability will wear off when the save is passed, the krana is taken off, or the krana is knocked out dies.
Breed Power (Ps) Krana may grant their wearer a psi-like ability based on their breed (Table: Breeds). If the ability is as a spell, the krana's effective caster level is equal to it's HD.
Table: Breeds[edit]
Prefix Hoard Position Power
-Xa Swarm Commander Hypercognition (as the spell)
-Vu Surveyor Fly (as the spell)
-Yo Mole Burrow 20 ft. (can burrow through rock, leaves tunnels)
-Su Worker Divine Power (as the spell)
-Za Squad Leader Telepathic Bond (as the spell, except: unlimited range; only usable between Krana), Read Surface Thoughts (as the spell)
-Ca Clearance Worker Wall of Force (as the spell)
-Ja Scout Clairvoyance (as the spell)
-Bo Sentinel Darkvision

See Table: Occupations

Strategies and Tactics[edit]

As the effective brains of the bohrok swarms, it is the krana's role to carry out the hoard's directive through the bodies they control: destroy every piece of land in sight to awaken the Great Spirit. Naturally, this would be pretty hard to accomplish if inhabitants of the lands that need culling being able to reliably fight back, so being able to combat them when needed is a standard function of every bohrok.

Typically, until first met with conflict, krana do not organize squadrons for combat, instead prioritizing surveillance and movement-oriented breeds. Such squads are usual comprised of bohrok with -Yo, Ja, and -Bo krana. All squads, no mater the purpose, have a member with a krana-Za as their squad leader, connection to the rest of the swarms, and to receive orders from the commanders and bahrag.

The combative forces are more complex, typically sporting krana-Ca at their front until entering combat range, upon which bohrok with krana-Yo might burst out of the ground below the attackers, or one with a krana-Su equipped might rush forth to bash through the opposing front line. Whichever tactics are used are created by a combat squad's leader, a krana-Xa, who's ability to use hypercognition makes them prime subjects for this role. Though their strategies alone make them a foe to behold, the krana also rely heavily on the body they control, which adds even more depth to their tactics.

Sample Encounters[edit]


Environment: Krata typically reside in deep caves, usually in bohrok bodies. Otherwise, they remain inside the Great Spirit, waiting. Matoran have stumbled upon a few dormant bohrok while mining at one point, that promptly woke with their hoard and began terrorizing the surrounding villages.

Typical Physical Characteristics: A krana is a fleshy, yet mask like creature. They have only been know to be found in 8 shapes which correlate to their power, and 6 colors which correlate to their original bohrk body to which they were created to match. When dormant (sleeping) they also will each take on a different color until reactivating (waking up).

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

A krana's alignment is a tricky subject from some angles. On one hand, they follow the instructions given to them by the Great Spirit (who is inherently Lawful Good), but on the other hand, they have no problem with destroy life if it impedes their following of such orders by even a meager amount.


Positioned under the earth in bohrok bodies to clean the Great Spirit's camouflage off. Once they are out, they stop at nothing to fulfill their duty in any way possible.


Krana, tho technically living, breathing creatures, act more like inanimate objects when they don't have an assimilated host. However, even when they do, every waking moment of every krana is spent focused on their directives given to them telepathically by the Bahrag. If they have no orders, they return to their hive and lie dormant until receiving new ones or being reactivated. There have been no documented interactions between krana outside of what they had deemed important in fulfilling their directive.

Sample Lair[edit]

Typical Treasure[edit]


For Player Characters[edit]


Creatures As Characters[edit]

- they could use mage hand as movement and there powers could vary based on type

Creatures With Class Levels[edit]

Krana would probably become psions of some sort if they could, but their lack of mobility impedes their experience gaining process.

Advanced Creatures[edit]

Advances by HD.

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