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Kournos is one of deities followed mostly by barbarians dwelling in or around forest areas. He is praised for his strength and cunning but most of all for the fierce protective nature he instills in his followers. The tribes who follow him are very territorial and feel a strong bond between fellow tribe members and indeed even tribes of the same belief, being willing to set aside differences in the threat of a common danger. In the name of Kournos tribal enemies band together to force outsiders from the woodlands and hold great hunts annually for him.

He is shown in cave paintings to stand many feet above men and have the head of a stag, holding his great clawed fists above him holding the sun in the sky.


Kournos places great stock in survival, great tales are told of how men, women and children of the faith have survived great ordeals and withstood the greatest of injuries. All scars must hold with them a story, if a man has a scar he is loath to talk about he is mistrusted and may even be put on trial.

Kournos did not create the land or the trees or the creatures that live there but he did bestow upon the wilderness the instinct of survival. looking upon the first prey of the wolf he abhorred passivity of the horned creature, in disgust he tor the head from the stag and put it upon himself. growing thick black claws he bellowed at the wolf, daring it to test his strength. with a single blow the wolf was slain and all around the other stags had seen this act and were inspired. from that day on the creatures of the Kournos' woods would fight ferosciously and the wolves would have to fight for their meal.

Typical Followers[edit]

Only tribes of the colder forested regions worship this incarnation or Kournos, other places may had other beliefs regarding the the horned man. Barbarians, nomadic fighters and Local rangers friendly with tribes (rare).

Clergy, Temples, and Religious Practices[edit]

The place to worship Kournos is in actions and not places. The practice of eating semi-poisonous mushrooms and then surviving for a day and a night without food or shelter has been at the core of the faith for hundreds of years and many come back with scars claiming a great vision of a stag and a wolf fought above them for hours.

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