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': This vest appears to be made out of some sort of hide. It is light, supple, and seems to look slightly different every time you look at it.

The creator of this vest was a powerful spellcaster and an accomplished adventurer, named Poilurjefk. He created the vest as a way to get back at those who had wronged him and take vengeance on them. He did indeed get vengeance, but it was long after he was dead. The vest was crafted for Poilurjefk, but he never got the chance to wear it. He finished it on the night of his death, under a new moon it was taken by an assassin named Hurthut and was left out the eyes of history. That is until Korinia, a Concordant Knight slew a large cabal of Vecna's worshipers. They were keeping the Vest as a token from the god and when she killed the cult leader, she claimed it as a prize. She died many years later in a battle with both demons and angels and the vest was lost. Some claim they see it worn by mighty adventurers, but no one can prove it. Although they say they see it on adventurers, the true vest was copied and the copies imbued with magic, but there is only one Korinia's Vest and it is in the hoard of a great wyrm white dragon. Korinia's vest can only be destroyed by taking the tears of a Pit Fiend mixing it with the blood of a Trumpet Archon, coating the vest and then casting it into the Fires of Malderuukshalroh on the Elemental Plane of Fire.

It takes up the Vest slot on a characteer. So long as the wearer of the Vest is neutral of some kind, the vest bestows a +2 bonus to all skill checks, attacks, and saves, If they are True Neutral then the bonus increases to +4; Korinia's Vest grants the wearer the ability to fly, as the spell, indefinitely, and once per week use the spell Weighed in the Balance (Spell Compendium Pg 238). It also Glamers your armor to look like normal clothing.
weak all schools; CL 19; Weight: 3 pounds

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