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Kolir Death Drink[edit]

Kolir Death Drink is a bubbling tonic that is rose with blue accretions on the bottom. It smells like sugar and garlic, but tastes like ashes. It is very deadly in even miniscule doses. There is only one known survivor, and he describes this experience as being a heart wrenching, limb trashing experience. Only one drop is enough to kill one hundred men.

Type: Ingestion

Initial Damage: As soon as the poison is in the body, the victim starts feeling extremely happy and ready to have fun: Ingestion might take from 8 to 10 seconds. The victim must perform a DC 30 Will check, then the victim starts to get a slight stomach ache and/or head ache. Otherwise, there are no bad initial side effects.

Secondary Damage: Extreme Skin Spasms:

Effect: The poison turns deadly. Every ten seconds the heart of the victim beats harder and faster, then the skin starts to churn, after two hours of these symptoms, the skin rips open on the face, and forms a large geometric scar on the chest. The victim is still alive though, and if he does not succeed a DC 40 will check, he will be doomed to become a horrible Kolir.

Prevention: Horribly Low Possibility. Needs to drink a great wyrm gold dragons blood, then be brought to a place of god for an entire hour, then afterwards, his best friend must be sacrificed to the Kolir. If the victim dies, no amount of resurrections or wishs will save him.

Price: 100,000,000 GP per dose

Forms of containment: 1 dose inside a pure mithral and gold bulb, 5 doses in a force sphere, or 10 doses in a decanter attached to another plain.

Note: This poison is never sold by merchants, the Kolir are the only people that sell it.

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