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Charge for massive damage, and once in the thick of things use excellent zone control to keep enemies in place.


  • Flaws (Unearthed Arcana)
  • Player's Handbook II
  • Complete Warrior
  • Complete Divine
  • Expanded Psionics Handbook
  • Spell Compendium

Game Rule Components[edit]


  • Rhino's Rush and Find the Gap (both in Spell Compendium) in wand form after entering Pious Templar both make charges far more effective.


Starting Ability Scores (Before Racial Adjustments): (Assuming 32 Point Buy) 18 14 16 8 8 8

Race (Templates): Human

ECL Class/HD/LA Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Feats Class
Fort Ref Will
1st Knight 1 +1 +0 +0 +2 Power Attack, Improved Bull Rush, Weapon Focus: Lance, True Believer Fighting Challenge +1, Knight's Challenge, Knight's Code
2nd Knight 2 +2 +0 +0 +3 Mounted Combat Shield Block +1
3rd Knight 3 +3 +1 +1 +3 Stand Still Bulwark of Defense
4th Knight 4 +4 +1 +1 +4 Armor Mastery (Medium), Test of Mettle
5th Knight 5 +5 +1 +1 +4 Ride-By Attack Vigilant Defender
6th Fighter 1 +6 +3 +1 +4 Spirited Charge, Leap Attack
7th Pious Templar 1 +7 +5 +1 +6 Mettle
8th Pious Templar 2 +8 +6 +1 +7 Smite 1/day
9th Pious Templar 3 +9 +6 +2 +7 Weapon Specialization: Lance, Melee Weapon Mastery Damage Reduction 1/--
10th Pious Templar 4 +10 +7 +3 +8 Shock Trooper
11th Cavalier 1 +11 +9 +3 +10 Special Mount, Mounted Weapon Bonus (Lance) +1, Ride Bonus +2, Courtly Knowledge
12th Cavalier 2 +12 +10 +3 +11 Improved Sunder Deadly Charge 1/day, Mounted Weapon Bonus (Sword) +1
13th Cavalier 3 +13 +10 +4 +11 Burst of Speed
14th Cavalier 4 +14 +11 +4 +12 Deadly Charge 2/day, Ride Bonus +4
15th Cavalier 5 +15 +11 +4 +12 Combat Brute Mounted Weapon Bonus (Lance) +2
16th Cavalier 6 +16 +12 +5 +13 Deadly Charge 3/day, Full Mounted Attack, Mounted Weapon Bonus (Sword) +2
17th Cavalier 7 +17 +12 +5 +13 Ride Bonus +6
18th Cavalier 8 +18 +13 +5 +14 Improved Buckler Defense Deadly Charge 4/day
19th Cavalier 9 +19 +13 +6 +14 Mounted Weapon Bonus (Lance) +3, Ride Bonus +8
20th Cavalier 10 +20 +14 +6 +15 Unstoppable Charge 5/day, Mounted Weapon Bonus (Sword) +3

At level 20: Knight 5 / Fighter 1 / Pious Templar 4 / Cavalier 10

Other Components[edit]

Items of Note[edit]

  • Lance with your favorite enhancements.
  • Boots of the Battle Charger will let you charge as a standard action 2/day
  • Riding Boots(PHB2) Give Spirited Charge, Ride By Attack, increases crit multiplier to x4, and +4 ride skill.


  • Assumed stats at level 20:
    • Str: 18 (Base) + 5 (Level) + 6 (Item) + 5 (Tome) = 34 (+12)
    • Attack Bonus: 20 (BAB) + 12 (Str) + 5 (Magic) + 1 (Weapon Focus) + 2 (Melee Weapon Mastery) + 3 (Mounted Weapon Bonus) = +43 (+2 when charging)
    • Damage: 1d8 (Lance) + 5d6+5 (Magic) + 2 (Weapon Specialization) + 2 (Melee Weapon Mastery) + 18 (Two-Handed Strength) = 1d8+5d6+27
    • Attacks on a charge when combined with Shock Trooper (Power Attack for 20, add on Leap Attack), Unstoppable Charge, and Rhino's Rush: (Assuming +5 Lance with enhancements adding up to +5d6 damage): +45/+40/+35/+30 ((1d8+5d6+107) x5 x2)
    • Total damage per attack comes out to 1d8+5d6+107 x10 or (on average) 136 x10 = 1360. Should all attacks hit, that's 5440 damage. !!! The correct damage would be 1d8+5d6+107 x6, and not x10. Still a big damage if your DM accepts mounted Leap Attacks. !!!
    • damage dice from magic(5d6) and bouns damage from leap attack(20) should not be multiplied.

(leap attack errata: If you cover at least 10 feet of horizontal distance with your jump, and you end your jump in a square from which you threaten your target, you deal +100% the normal bonus damage from your use of the Power Attack feat.) damage should be (1d8+47)x6+20 per attack.

Combat Sequence[edit]

  • First round of combat charge for massive damage.
  • Second round, full attack (with the goodness of Combat Brute) while keeping foes where they are through your lance and armor spikes so you threaten all nearby spaces with the combination of Bulwark of Defense and the Stand Still feat.

Munchkin-Size Me[edit]

  • Add to your lance the Valorous enchantment from Unapproachable East for even more damage.
  • Be enlarged, or snag a Psionic Tattoo of (augmented) Expansion to have a bigger threatening area for bigger zone control.
  • A Psionic Tattoo of Dimensional Hop (Complete Psionic) or a potion of Dimension Hop (Player's Handbook 2) might allow you to teleport 10' as a swift action so you can charge once more.
  • Be a Silverbrow Human and pick up the Dragonscale Husk alternate class feature found in Dragon Magic.


  • A mount often doesn't fit within the confines of a dungeon.

DM Counters[edit]

  • Difficult terrain.
  • Teleporting foes.
  • Defenses apart from AC (illusions, concealment, etc).


  • Must worship a diety whose favored weapon is a lance.
  • Wearing Riding boots full time may allow you to either go pious templar 5, or Knight 6, by not taking fighter 1(the boots give you 2 feats for free, which is the purpose of taking fighter 1 I assume)


  • Instead of Improved Buckler Defense, take Deft Opportunist (CV) for better crowd control or Close-Quarters Fighting (CW) for a good defense against grapplers. A level of fighter, or more of Psychic Warrior can substitute levels in Cavalier for these feats.
  • At levels 4 and 5, take levels of Psychic Warrior instead of Knight and Fighter for the feats to pick up a few powers, Force Screen being a prominent one.

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