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Knight Templar[edit]

Paladin Oath

Standing above a pile of slaughtered goblins, a knight clad in steel wearing a blood-red cross on his chest, sighs, and sheathes his blade. Near him, a huddle of frightened villagers stand tremulously, mouths agape in awe. Slowly, he turned to them. One, a middle-aged man, mustered the courage to ask "An' what do we owe ye?" The knight said nothing for a single, dreadful moment, then said simply "nothing". "Nothin', sire?" "Nothing." With that he strode off to his horse, and was gone, leaving the villagers to wonder what the cross meant.

A Knight Templar is a soldier sworn to certain ideals. No true member of the order would dare violate their oath. It rules their lives, from dawn to dusk and beyond. A Knight Templar would not hesitate to go on a holy war, or pledge his or her blade to a cause that protects the innocent.

Tenets of the Knights Templar
Poverty. The Knight Templar will not accumulate riches.
Chastity. The Knight Templar will not engage in any form of lustful behavior.
Obedience. The Knight Templar will obey just authority.
Protect the Innocent. The Knight Templar will gladly give his or her life to protect the innocents and those who cannot help themselves.
Paladin Level Spells
3rd identify, magic missile
5th silence, scorching ray
9th fireball, haste
13th death ward, ice storm
17th hold monster, mass cure wounds
Channel Divinity
Monster Bane. As your action, you may say a prayer and thrust a holy symbol towards a monster you can see within 60 ft. of you. The creature must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or be frightened of you for 1 minute. Undead and Fiends have disadvantage. While it is frightened of you, it can only look at you and cannot respond to anything other than you. It must use its actions to move away from you. Attacks made against it have advantage. This effect lasts for one minute.
Enemy of Darkness. As your action on your turn, you may proclaim your intent to slaughter a creature of evil alignment. For one minute you gain advantage on all attacks against it or until it drops to 0 hit points or falls unconscious.
Protector of the Innocents

By 7th level, your desire to protect the innocents has grown exponentially. When you reduce a creature of evil alignment to 0 hit points, you may make a second attack against an ally of that creature, moving up to half your movement speed to reach it.

Hunter of Evil

At 15th level, your strength and courage against monsters know no bounds. While a creature is under the effect of your Enemy of Darkness, every time it makes an attack, you may use your reaction to make a melee weapon attack against it if it is within range.

Crusader for Justice

At 20th level, your strength and courage, as well as healing ability, are unequivocally superior. As an action, you may emit an aura of healing. It radiates in a 30-foot radius. Any friendly creature that moves inside this area for the first time, or start its turn there, regain a number of hit points equal to your Paladin level. In addition, if the creature is afflicted by a harmful condition that can be ended by a lesser restoration or greater restoration spells, the condition ends.

Additionally, you gain advantage on all attacks you make against creatures inside the aura radius.

This effect lasts one minute. Once you use it, you cannot use it again for one long rest.

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