Knife Hand (3.5e Martial Artist Maneuver)

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Knife Hand[edit]

"A sword? That's cute."

Level: Active 2
Type: Attack
Prerequisite: Ki points, Gentle Palm Style
Description: You focus your Ki into your hands and forearms, and then the next round you attack. This attack is treated as an unarmed touch attack(slashing dmg.) and uses 1 Ki point per arm. It also adds an extra +1d8 to your attacks.
Special: this maneuver takes a full round to activate, and can not be used on incorporeal creatures. Monks can use this Maneuver as well as Martial artists with Ki points. This move, when charging, provokes attacks of opp. by any close by enemy.If attacked while charging, you must make a Concentration check roll that results in a higher score than the dmg. done to you.

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