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"Wispish and ephethereal this sheet of unknown material rapidly changes colours and forms, flowing from one to another and never seeming to show the same combination twice. In its natural state Kleider resembles a sheet of beautiful silk that changes between every colour in Existance (even those no eyes can see) and appears to be a ball gown one second and a set of workers slacks the next. Grasping it is almost impossible as it seems to slip from the grip of any who try to fix its form."


First discovered by a simple mortal this set of ever-changing (and extremely powerful) clothes soon drew both divine and demonic attention causing an entire world to be plunged into an eternal war. The devastation this caused as Kings, Deities and Demons fought each other to a standstill ensured any hope of discovering Kleider's true origin was lost. This war was so great it attracted the attention of the Elder Evil Atropus who slaughtered the exhausted army's of gods and men leaving the world a barren wasteland of undead. Legends of Kleider's incredible power still exist however, with many adventurers traveling to the dead world in search of the mythical raiment.


Kleider, once held or worn by a sentient being, will change to any set of clothes they wish instantaneously (cloak, shirt, dress, socks, etc), it cannot however take the form of any set of armor or provide any greater bonus to ac, it can appear as clothes made from such materials but this provides no bonus to ac beyond its normal amount (it can LOOK like a shirt made of dragonscales but doesn't give any of the benefits). Kleider can change shape, colour and size at the speed of light whenever the wearer wishes, though they must be wearing it to do so. Though it may appear as simple clothes Kleider provides a +13 deflection bonus to ac and grants its wearer +4 to Charisma so long as it is worn visibly. This is due to it seeming to make the wearer instantly more stylish than those around them, making others more willing to like them.

Kleider's true power however is discovered when worn by an immortal, any immortal wearing Kleider also gains the benefit of a number of divine abilities. The immortal gains the Cosmic ability, supersonic and the Transcendental ability, Superluminal though they cannot manifest these unless they meet the prerequisites. Any creature who wears Kleider however will gain an aversion to all other forms of clothing, should a creature who has previously worn Kleider attempt to wear any other clothing (be this armor, glasses, shoes or underwear) they must succeed in a DC 130 Will check to put it on and must then pass a further will check for every round they keep the clothing on. This starts at DC 70 and increases by 5 for every consecutive round the clothing is worn, a different Will save is required for each individual piece of clothing. If any of these are failed the character must immediately seek to remove the relevant clothing.

To destroy Kleider you must travel faster than the speed of light without using its Superluminal ability and then will it to take its true form, this then allows you to simply tear it to shreds like any other piece of clothing. If destroyed it can be re-made by anyone with at least one piece who succeeds at a Craft (Tailoring) check (DC 250), while travelling at the speed of light. Once it has been re-made all other pieces explode dealing 10d100 divine damage to everything within a 10ft radius.

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