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The Kingslayer and its scabbard.

Kingslayer was originally an artifact of the lesser deity Kozah, sent into the mortal realm in order to assuage the rise of tyrants. The dagger, however, was later claimed by an unknown champion of Gargauth—the God of Powerbrokers—and corrupted into its current state.

The dagger appears as a vicious silver blade with a golden hilt and crossguard, featuring a deep red ruby seated in the pommel. The accompanying scabbard is made of onyx-black leather with golden accents, marked by an obscure symbol in the center. Drawing the blade from its scabbard is completely silent, and though the blade is a bright silver, it does not reflect light.

Kingslayer functions as a +8 cursed dagger with the keen, speed, morphing, and humanoid bane special abilities.

Wielders of Kingslayer suffer the following drawbacks:

  1. Soulshackled: The wielder of this dagger may never part with the dagger once they've held it. The wielder may sheathe the blade, but only on their person; the sheath may never leave the wielder's person. The only way in which the wielder may relinquish themselves of the dagger is to die and have someone take if off of their corpse, or to hold it in one hand and deliberately sever the wielding hand from the body.
  2. Assassin's Amnesia: After 6 months, the wielder of this dagger eventually loses track of their own name and life prior to the wielding of Kingslayer. At this time, the wielder starts to identify themselves solely as "the Kingslayer."
  3. Compulsion of the Kingslayer: The wielder of this dagger must seek out and eliminate at least one high-ranking political figure—preferably a king—per month.
  4. Failure to Comply: If the wielder fails to comply with the assassinations that Kingslayer demands, the wielder loses all personal control and goes murderously insane.†

† A character that has gone murderously insane under the effect of Kingslayer is forced to kill everyone they come in contact with in a stealthy, calculated, and concealed manner. Those under this effect are granted +10 to Diplomacy, Disguise, Escape Artist, Gather Information, Hide, Listen, Move Silently, Open Lock, Search, Sleight of Hand, and Spot checks. This effect may be ended if the hand wielding Kingslayer is severed, effectively breaking the artifact's hold over the wielder.

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