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The kindred are a race of beings who share a mental link with one another. They live in well-lit underground cities, and possess considerable magical power.


Kindred are friendly and affable, always making an effort to get along with all others. However, if anybody harms a kindred, they are considered hated enemies by all kindred.

Physical Description[edit]

The kindred are short and slight, with rather weak physical builds. They usually have bright hair tones, with red being predominant. They have brilliant eyes, which seem to sparkle and even glow. Kindred have slightly pointed ears and are fairly androgynous.


Kindred enjoy the company of any others who are nonviolent and friendly. They view golems, graftlings, eidolons and other mechanical or partially mechanical creatures as slightly distasteful, but are otherwise fairly accepting of others differences.


Kindred are usually good aligned.


The kindred live deep underground, neighboring the dwarves.


The kindred have only one deity, their Queen, who is actually a demigod.


Kindred speak to one another telepathically, and can contact others in this fashion. Some choose to also learn other tongues.

Racial Traits[edit]

Soon to come!

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