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Advanced Ki Healing

by furthering your mastery of ki, you have learned how to use your ki to heal lethal damage and alieviate more serious conditions in battle, allowing you to fight harder, longer.
Prerequisite: CON16, WIS16, Basic Ki Healing, Ki Expert, concentration 8 ranks, knowledge (earth and life sciences) 8 ranks, treat injury 8 ranks.
Benefit: as a standard action, you may spend 1 action point to heal all non-lethal/subdual damage, as well as 1d8 points of lethal damage, and remove the cowering, dazed, exhausted, fatigued, nauseated, panicked, shaken, and stunned conditions. this feat can be used on yourself, or another. also, you can spend additional action points to add another d8 to the amount of lethal damage healed. for example, you could spend 5 action points to heal 5d8 points of lethal damage in addition to the other effects of this feat.
Special: you gain 1 free use of this feat equal to the total of your CON & WIS modifiers.

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