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Basic Ki Blast

You gather your ki into your palms, concentrating it into a shimmering sphere, and unleash it as a concussive blast, all in one fluid motion.
Prerequisite: CON14, WIS14, Ki adept, concentration 6 ranks, knowledge (earth and life sciences) 6 ranks, Base attack bonus +6.
Benefit: You can expend 1 action point as an attack action to create and launch a Ki blast. the blast has a range of 60 feet, and does 3d10 damage + your CON & WIS modifiers. the damage done can be lethal or non-lethal at your decision. as a full attack action, you can replace all of your standard attacks with Basic ki blasts, paying the appropriate action point costs for each blast. you may choose a different target in range for each attack. ki blasts are force effects, and as such, effect incorporial creatures.
Special: you gain one free use of this feat for every character level you posess.

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