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One wizard, one vampire, this princess of horror has declared a war against a continent. All its kingdoms, and all its churches made an alliance to defeat her. They managed to defeat her, but their loss was a third of all living in it. And she escaped... One of vampire goddess Shilah's special artifact that she has forged in the time between her life of humanity and her life of deity, this dagger has been known to be a mystical artifact that bends even fate itself.


This is a +5 Vicious dagger. It seems to be made out of some sort of an alloy containing adamantine and is almost indestructible, and the blade can overcome 10 points of hardness. The blade is actually not straight, making it look like a key for some special door.

Instead of rolling a single d20 for attack like most weapons, the user of this blade can roll up to six d20's, and use the highest score as the attack roll. The user cannot use this ability more than once per round, and this ability cannot be used on an attack of opportunity if it was used for an attack before. If all of the rolls fail, then the user suffers for messing with fate. The user immediately looses all the ability score, except for constitution remaining at 1. Ability score lost by this effect will not return unless with a miracleor a wish, and even then it costs 5000 XP per point recovered.

If this daggar makes a critical hit against an extraplanar creature, the creature can be immediately sent back to the plane they came from. The creature can try to resist with a will save against a DC of 20.

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