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Kevlar is an incredibly strong and durable fabric, it is 5 times stronger than steel equal in weight to the kevlar, it is not sturdy and solid though, so metal armors and weapons can not be crafted out of kevlar. Kevlar, like mithril is relatively light weight for its strength, reducing the category of whatever is made out of it by 1, such as heavy armor would become medium, light armor would count as clothing, this would allow a character not proficient in armor to wear the article, normal clothing made out of kevlar has an armor class bounus of +1 with no maximum dexterity bonus, armor check penalty, or arcane spell failure chance. armors made from fabrics and leather may be crafted out of kevler, for every pound of weight for the normal item, the new item weighs only half of a pound, and for every 2 pounds of kevlar, it adds an additional +1 to the total armor bonus. Kevlar is also very flexible, causing no drop in movement speed, -2 from armor check penalties(minimum 0), and -20% to arcane spell failure chance(minimum 0). Anyone trained in alchemy can make kevlar with relative ease only requiring a DC 15 craft(alchemy) check, as such the price of an item is barely changed due to the ease with which trained alchemists can mass produce kevlar for sale. The price modifier for making an item out of kevlar is equal to 1/4 the base price of the item rounded up.

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